February 7, 2013

With teenagers and people in their early twenties forming a major part of the target audience of most websites, it is important to tweak your marketing strategies to cater to this category of users. When it comes to targeting teens, social networks are the go-to junction, since almost every teenager (a whopping 93% of teenage internet users) has an active profile on these websites. However, you must realize that conventional marketing techniques are very less likely to appeal to teens, and to grab their attention, you must add a fun element to whatever you do. The following tips tell you just how to do that-

  • Remember that teens have short attention spans and if they aren’t captivated in the first ten seconds, they are likely to just hit on the next button. So make sure to have humorous introductions, and keep content brief and smart. Boring and unoriginal content is a big no-no when it comes to youngsters.
  • When targeting teens, it is important to highlight the “share” button since teens love to be able to share something they find interesting with their peers.
  • A new tool that has massive scope for captivating teens on Facebook is the cover photo. This huge space at the top of your Facebook page is the first thing people see when they visit your page. Constantly updating it with humorous photos, or maybe even hand-drawn images is a great way to strike a lasting impression on teenagers.
  • With nearly 1 million teenagers visiting Instagram every month, this is one site that you cannot choose to ignore. The reason behind this site’s popularity is its simple interface and the fact that it banks upon pictures. How you use it to market your business is completely up to you, but just remember to keep it original and creative!
  • Another amazing way to connect with teens on social media is to encourage them to upload their own content. Right from videos of how they use your product to blogs on their shopping experience, teens shall love to be able to contribute to a website and see their contributions posted for others to view.
  • Finally, when targeting teens, you need to remember that most of them are accessing the internet through mobile phones. So you need to ensure that all your marketing strategies target multiple screens.

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