29 November, 2016

A lot of people spend hours on the internet every day. Right from sending emails, playing games and shopping to social networking and many other tasks, internet has become the lifeblood of people of all age groups. However, despite the extensive upsurge in internet usage, users tend to make a lot of mistakes which can ultimately sabotage their web browsing experience. This may either show up by slowing down the internet or infecting the computer system with a malware.

Given below are some of the most common mistakes people make online:

Browsing On Public Wi-Fi

Though browsing on free public internet hotspots seems convenient, security is a major issue that comes along. These networks do not use encryption and any information shared or received over it can be illegitimately stolen by the hackers. Therefore, online banking accounts, shopping websites, official emails etc. should never be accessed on public Wi-Fi networks.

Delaying Browser Updates

When it comes to online security, hackers are not just confined to phishing techniques and malicious websites. You can be a potential victim of online attack if you have not updated your internet browser or other applications to the latest version. Though Google Chrome manages automatic updates at the backend, other browsers may prompt you to download and install the patch. Make sure you do not delay these updates as they help to enhance browsing experience and fix any bugs present in the previous version.

Oversharing On Social Media

Sharing too much of personal information on social networking websites is also a common mistake made by most people. Your email, home address, phone number, social security number, vacation plans, current location etc. may be used by the hackers for social engineering purposes. This information may also be used to gain access to your other online accounts.

Ignoring SSL Certificate Warnings

While browsing the internet, many times a dialogue box pops-up stating ‘Your connection is not private’. Unfortunately, less than half of the users follow this warning and continue visiting the website. With this, you are putting your sensitive information at risk of getting leaked out to the cybercriminals.  Websites that use an SSL certificate encrypt all the information so that it cannot be decoded by anyone except the specified receiver.

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