Dec 4, 2009

The all new Windows 7 is here. With it Microsoft seems to have hit the right note. Tons of new features and enhancements.  Here is a sneak peak into what it has on offer.

Fast and easy access – to your favourite programs and files. You can Pin programs to the task bar. Also you can Pin documents and web sites to Jump Lists on your PC task bar. View the Windows 7 Pin feature demo

Better Performance and Responsive OS – Windows 7 comes loaded with a stronger heart. It is faster and more reliable. The sleep, resume connect to wireless connections very quickly. Search results pop up faster when you search for something. Sort / Group search results is again faster. Windows 7 gets the Portable USB devices ready is seconds and minimizes your wait time. Windows 7 is a lean and clean operating system which uses lesser memory than Windows Vista.

Universal Connectivity – Microsoft has paid special attention to make Windows 7 social among gadgets. Social in the sense that it supports wide variety of Printers, cameras and other hardware and software devices. It supports these devices seamlessly. All devices can be easily hooked up to a Windows 7 PC

Sharing – You can easily and quickly share music, photos, files, and even printers with another Windows 7 based PC/laptop. At home having more than one PC is not a problem anymore. You can quickly send music files, photos, etc. to your family members on same home network. You can even share your printer for quick easy prints within the home network with Windows 7 compatible PCs. Best part is Home Group is password protected and completely secure.

Free Internet TV – Windows 7 provides access to media content available on internet through its Windows Media Center. Choose from a range of TV shows and Movies, conveniently organized. Your broadband connection lets you connect to Internet TV channels and content from anywhere.

User Account Control Customization – One of the most annoying features of Windows Vista is the User Account Control (UAC) pop ups. Every time you do a critical operation it pops up asking for a confirmation. With Windows 7 the UAC pop up is stripped down a great deal. Now very few operating system programs and tasks require user to confirm with a UAC confirmation in order to perform these tasks. Administrator can also adjust what you want to be prompted for and what not.

Windows 7 and Touch Screen – It supports touch screen monitors. You can simply read online newspaper, browse photo galleries, shuffle files, etc, with your finger tip. The start menu task bar are all finger touch friendly. Zoom in a photo by moving your fingers apart on the touch screen. Drag and Drop with fingers.

Run Application as a different User – Windows 7 allows you to run an application as another user. If you are logged in and the application does not support multiple profiles, you can simply hold down the shift key, right click on the application and select the option “Run as different user” to do so.

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