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Most Important Things To Keep Your Android Device Secure

29th May, 2017

Keeping an Android smartphone and tablet secure requires a lot more than adding a PIN or password lock. Any malicious app download or connection to an unsecure wireless network can not only jeopardize your online privacy, but also increase the risk of loss/theft of your confidential data.

Given below are some tips that can help you to improve the security of your Android device:

Lock all the apps and media

In addition to the screen lock, you can add an extra layer of protection by restricting access to the apps and media. This is particularly important for the apps that hold your private and sensitive information, such as social networking, email, online banking etc. This will prevent anyone from using your Android device, specifically if it has been lost or stolen. Make sure you select different PIN and password combinations for each app.

Download apps only from trusted sources

Your device’s default settings restrict downloading apps from any other source except Google Play Store. You should not change these settings as it may put your device’s security at risk. All apps on the Play Store are scanned for malware and other potential threat, which makes them safe to use. If you want to download third party applications, ascertain that you check their reliability and reviews before doing so. You should also go through the app permissions carefully. Do not install an app that seems to ask for permissions that are not required for its functioning.

Get virus and malware protection

Android, being open source software, is at a higher risk of hacking attacks and security breaches. Simply clicking on a link or downloading a file can infect your device with viruses and malware. Therefore, it is recommended that you download an anti-virus and anti-malware software. Run frequent scans to identify and remove any potentially harmful files from your device.

Use Android device manager

Android device manager can be really helpful in case your phone is lost or stolen. It allows you to lock your device and erase all the data stored on it, from a remote location. You can also track the location of the device using GPS technology. Once enabled, Android device manager works even after someone uninstalls the app from your device.

For more information on Android device security, feel free to contact Centex Technologies at (855) 375 – 9654.

Smartphone Security Tips

February 5, 2016

Keeping your smartphone properly secured is extremely important. Considering the wide range of tasks you carry out through your smartphone, right from social networking and banking to online shopping, following the right security measures has become a pre-requisite. It will help you protect your device against different forms of malware attacks.

Here are some tips to keep your smartphone secure:

  • Use A Screen Lock: This is probably the most basic and often overlooked security tip. Make sure your phone screen is locked at all times, either with a PIN or password. Create a password that is difficult to crack in case your phone is lost or stolen. You can also use a pattern lock but keep your screen clean to avoid leaving fingerprints.
  • Protect Sensitive Data: Even if you have used a strong password, the data stored in your device is still at risk. A cybercriminal simply needs to plug-in a USB cable to connect the smartphone to a computer and access the files stored within. To avoid this, you should keep all your important files and folders password locked or encrypted. With this, the user will be required to enter a pre-set code before the file can be viewed or copied.
  • Set up locate and remote wipe: Most smartphones allow the users to locate the device in case it is lost or stolen. They can even remotely wipe the information stored in the phone or simply change the PIN/password to lock the thief out of the device.
  • Download Apps From Trusted Sources: Allow apps from only genuine sources to be downloaded and installed in your smartphone. Also, check the app’s ratings and reviews before downloading, particularly if it is not so well-known. Read its privacy policy to know what phone features and data the app needs to access.
  • Turn Off Wi-Fi And Bluetooth When Not In Use: Ensure that your phone’s Bluetooth, Wi-Fi and all other wireless protocols are switched off when you are not using them. Else, put your phone in a non-discoverable mode to avoid making it vulnerable to a hacking attack. Also, turn off automatic connections to open Wi-Fi networks to leak out your smartphone’s useful data.
  • Install Security Software: Download a credible and trusted security app to protect your smartphone against malware and viruses. Make sure you frequently update the virus definitions. Some applications also offer additional features such as remote wipe, app lock, data backup etc.

For more smartphone security tips, contact Centex Technologies at (855) 375 – 9654.

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