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Promoted Pins by Pinterest

May 30, 2014

After their introduction last year, Pinterest has now finally decided to go in for a paid test for promoted pins that help people to have an improved overall search experience. These small add units will serve as an aid to monetize the ever growing social network of Pinterest. Initially, the rollout of promoted pins will be limited to the search and category fields. Later on, as time goes by, the pins could be used for other spheres of pinterest as well.

The promoted pins will be initially tested on a small set of brands so as to gain a better understanding of their viability and effectiveness. Some of the brands that would be a part of the test include: ABC Family, Banana Republic, Expedia.com, Kraft, Nestle, Old Navy, and Walt Disney Parks and Resorts. Through these brands, Pinterest aims to gauge whether promoted pins are tasteful and relevant. Based on user feedback, subsequent improvements will also be made.

As per AdAge, Pinterest is looking at an estimate of about $1 to $2 million for every campaign pertaining to rollout of promoted pins. As is evident from the list of brands mentioned above, the first rollout of promoted pins is not for small or medium-sized businesses.

As the Pinterest network continues to grow by leaps and bounds, tens and thousands of people have put up more than 30 billion pins. Brands form a significant chunk of these users, and hence promoted pins will help them to gain better visibility among the audiences. This will also help the audiences by providing them a better insight into areas they are concerned about; you could for example, easily look for places to eat out, or gifting ideas for a friend or a loved one on special occasions.

Up till now, Pinterest was primarily focused upon enhancing its user base, and revenue generation was not on the cards. But with the rollout of promoted pins now, Pinterest is all set to take on advertizing giants like Facebook and Twitter. Since user feedback is an important tool to understand the effectiveness of promoted pins, Pinterest has put up links for users alongside every promoted pin that they see on the social network. Users can put in their comments and suggestions here, which would be monitored on a regular basis so that improvements can be made accordingly.

The rollout of promoted pins by Pinterest is surely going to change the advertizing landscape in the online space. The first phase of the rollout with these brands will show what the further course of action should be.

Pinterest.com: What It Is? How It Can Be Used To Promote Businesses

April 26, 2012

If ‘social networking’ makes you think ‘Facebook’ and ‘Twitter’, it might be time for you to move on! That’s not to say that these popular websites are becoming passé, but they are definitely suffering from an element of user fatigue. The new kid on the block is ‘Pinterest,’ an interactive social photo-sharing website, which gives users a chance to pin images of anything they wish to, and re-pin any images that might be of their interest.

Put simply, the website is like a board that you could have in your living room, or office reception, on which you could pin articles, pictures, notes, reminders, or simply a newspaper clipping that you found interesting. Pinterest allows you to do just that, only that this ‘board’ is visible to all the users on the site. The concept is quickly gaining popularity, with Pinterest being labeled as the ‘fastest growing social service in the world’.

What the website is basically doing, is replacing content with images. There is nothing new about the fact that images and visuals are more captivating to the human eye than blocks of text. Pinterest allows you to bank on this fact, and use it to the advantage of your business. Just as Facebook and Twitter have proven to be a great marketing tool for SMEs, Pinterest is also emerging as a lucrative option for business enterprises for drawing attention to the products that they have on offer.

The great thing about it is that you do not need to invest all the time and effort that goes into delivering your message through words that will grasp the attention of the users. As they say, a picture speaks a thousand words! That’s exactly what you are doing on Pinterest- letting the images do all the talking. However, Pinterest is about a lot more than simply posting images of your products online. With a little more innovation, there are endless ways that you can draw attention to your business, and allow make sure that users re-pin your pins.

The basic concept is getting as many re-pins and likes as possible, since each time your pin is re-pinned, a link to your home page. You can create different boards with varying themes, based on user behavior, by taking into account what exactly users want to see when they visit the website. You can also organize surveys, hold contests, and promote offers using the website. So get yourself an invite on Pinterest, and start pinning now!

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