March 19, 2011

As some business constantly grows, the challenge of setting up and keeping a completely functional network turns more and more complex. The progress of technology has exhibited several new devices, software packages and connection platforms that need total access to the network capabilities.

To make sure that the wireless hubs and substantive wired devices are supplied with maximal speed and accessibility, regular support is essential.

Network Service’s Importance:
Centex Technologies extend a vast range of programs meant to optimize network potential. After carrying on an analysis of the subsisting infrastructure and assessing the networking demands of the business, our IT specialists render answers that will guarantee effective performance, bettered dependability and greater convenience.

Whether this consists of an accomplished design of a fresh local network, supplying another hub, or addressing bottlenecks and redundancies, we provide complete and detailed solutions.

Different Services:
A trusted network functions as the foundation for the exchange of vital info all over the departments and varied locations. To abstain from down time, postponements and pricy repairs, network providers like Centex Technologies extend a lot of vital services that guarantee effective operation:

  • Network Set-up: Accomplished design and execution of network architecture comprises of hardware infrastructure, software and cabling. Extended training is rendered including ongoing care and support.
  • Monitoring: 24/7 remote surveillance supplies instantaneous alerts to network functionality issues.
  • Proactive Upkeep: Troubleshooting and upkeep across the total network is done by Centex Technologies. This includes thorough diagnosis and resolving bandwidth matters as well as regular optimization of servers to maximize speed and productiveness.
  • Upgrades: Software upgrades and utility installations are performed across all the platforms.
  • Physical maintenance: Replacing and upgrading cabling of damaged or disused network components is necessary.
  • Backup: Network services at Centex Technologies comprise of specific data backup solutions. In an event of a ruinous failure or data corruption, back up services assure the restitution of vital info.
  • Threat Detection: Regular reassessments of virus, firewall and malware protection guarantees the proceeding operation of the network in a safe environment.

For those business enterprises that need network repair, upkeep or installation, Centex Technologies render superior service with predictable connected costs. Any commercial enterprise that is going through network failures, bandwidth troubles, or contemplating expansion can take advantage of the variety of comprehensive services that we provide.
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