April 12, 2012

Most workplaces these days make use of computers to run their daily operations. There is a great degree of reliability on computers for all kinds of operational as well as record keeping activities and many companies find it impossible to function without these time saving devices. In large organizations, there is generally a network of computers that is linked together via LAN or any other form of network to facilitate the flow of data and other information throughout the organization. There are several technical aspects that must be kept in mind in order to keep your company data safe from virus or unethical hacking attacks from outside parties.

Information related to customer accounts, financial data, and confidential client related information tends to be stored in the form of computer records which, if leaked out can pose a significant threat to the reputation of the company in the market and shake the investor interest. This in turn can threaten the very existence of the company and lead to huge losses. Thus having adequate computer network security in place is a pre-requisite for all organizations using computers for their daily activities.

There are different anti-virus software available on the internet that may be downloaded to provide a basic level of protection to your company records. However, simply having basic anti-virus software is not enough. You also need to have a firewall in place to keep hacking attacks at bay. There are several kinds of sophisticated viruses that may be able to break through an anti-virus shield but may find it difficult to traverse through a firewall. A firewall can be used as an effective shield for protection of crucial information against attacks by outsiders.

Not having an adequate amount of security in place can prove to be quite detrimental for your business and hamper all activities as there are certain viruses, trojans or spywares  that, apart from stealing data may also erase it from your systems or alter it in ways that make it useless for you. Your systems thus need to be protected against such attacks that can bring all business activities to a standstill and cause colossal damages.

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