With number of devices increasing in home/ offices, network issues are becoming more complex than ever before. Different software platforms and new IoT devices have made computer network rely on several different variables. Even a small issue can disrupt complete network and can cause substantial downtime in the work process.

To solve a network issue, it is first important to understand the network problem and why it arises in the first place. Here we have listed certain common network problems which you must know about.

  • Slow Internet – The most basic problem that your employees might complain about is slow internet which can create a lag while working. There may be a number of reasons behind it. The probable causes are –
    • Too many devices connected on a single network.
    • Some app might be consuming a significant portion of your total bandwidth.
    • Service delays on the part of internet provider.
  • No Connectivity – You might also witness a situation when the wireless network shows the signal but does not connect. This is because either your device is out of the router’s range or there is some problem with the hardware. To correct this, try to place the device close to the router. Also you can replace the network card you are using. Sometimes, updating the network card drivers can be helpful whereas sometimes you might have to change the hardware altogether.
  • IP Conflicts – Every device has an IP address that has access to the network at a given time. However, sometimes two devices might end up having the same IP address due to which the operations of one device may be blocked. In such a situation, the user might not be able to access the protected files and also it can cause a lag for all the connected devices. To avoid this, you must reconfigure your DHCP setup so that the IP conflict is resolved and all the devices on the network get proper access.
  • VOIP Quality Issues – A network stutter can lead to voice call issues such as delays, interruptions and voice quality issues. To curb this problem, install jitter buffers as they create small packets of VOIP information. This will ensure a smooth conversation and help you boost your overall productivity.
  • Inability To Find Network Path – Sometimes an error message displaying network path not found may appear on a user’s screen due to which the device cannot make connection with other devices on the network. Disable local firewalls and also reset TCP/IP to deal with this issue.

Take a note of the above mentioned most common network problems and follow necessary steps to keep them at bay. For more information, call Centex Technologies at (254) 213-4740.