August 26, 2011

There are certain components that are required to keep a computer network running smoothly. Each of these elements has a different purpose and are required for the efficient functioning of the network. They form a part of the hardware and need to be properly maintained so that they do not report any glitches over time. Some of the important parts of computer network system have been mentioned below:

  • Server: A server is like the nervous system of a network and is the most important component of a network. It is used to connect and distribute data over other systems that may also be present on the same network. A server is also used to store data and it can serve a variety of other purposes like sharing of printers, sharing of memory, etc. A network server can be a particular personal computer, a laptop or a standalone server that can take care of network related tasks and help to organize traffic.
  • Modem: Modem stands for Modulation and Demodulation which means the process of conversion of signal in one form to another. A modem is a device that modulates a signal to encode information, and also demodulates such signal to decode the transmitted information. There are many different types of modems available in the market and vary as per their capacity and speed. Depending on the type of your network you can choose among various models of modems.
  • Router: Another essential device that needs to be present in order to operate different computer systems on a network is “router”. It can be used to route data among different networks or systems. It serves the important purpose of helping the data travel further and helps ensure that it reaches its destination. In most of the cases, different computer systems are connected with routers through network cables. To have a completely wireless network, you can use WiFi Routers, that can be appropriately placed in the work area to connect several devices.
  • Firewalls: Firewalls are used to allow or disallow certain type of data over the network. They can be a software firewall (installed on system) or a hardware firewall (as a separate physical device). They are important from security point of view as they restrict unwanted intrusions in the system.

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