June 27, 2014

The most anticipated product of the year by Motorola, the Moto 360 SmartWatch, was recently unveiled by the company at Google I/O developer conference in San Francisco. After the launch of Samsung’s Live Gear and LG’s G Watch, smartwatches have suddenly become the flavor of the season. While both the products are trendsetters in their own way, Moto 360 smartwatch just stands out because of its astounding features.

The traditional round display sets Moto 360 apart from other smartwatches. Success of the Moto 360 is not only attributed to the conventional look and feel but also to its amazingly light weight design which makes it a surprisingly comfortable device to wear on.
It was brilliant of Motorola to think out of the box and reinvent the traditional wrist watch of today to unveil the product of tomorrow. The round touchscreen has made an attractive use of space. From customized faces of the clock to messages, emails and other apps, this small but efficient device has a lot to offer.

The screen, though provides for a dim display when not in use, it is circumvented with the presence of an ambient light sensor that offers high performance even on a device this small. Just a little tap on the screen makes the watch come alive and you can access the device to check for important messages, emails and other important notifications. Another feather on Motorola’s cap is that the device responds to the gestures of moving your wrist and immediately displays important notifications for you without having to tap it.  This feature gives the device a premium feel.

The voice control feature of the device is flexible and acts on your verbal commands.  The device performs with such perfection that it becomes impossible to draw out any flaw in its design. Because it is android based, the smartwatch is said to be compatible with all Moto smartphones and android based phones with versions 4.3 or above.

To give it more elegant and classy look, Motorola decided to finish the watch with stainless steel. The steel glides against your skin smoothly   and the leather straps provide for a firm grip. After its initial release there would be plenty of designer straps available to give the watch more personalized look.

Moto 360 has an ambitious design and is high on style quotient. The company plans to launch various designs for the device. It will be launched later in summer first in U.S. and then globally. The pricing of the watch hasn’t been made public yet but is anticipated it will be priced on par with the features it offers. Even so, this product is expected to be a game changer in the market.