November 06, 2012

Planning a computer network for your business is important decision that has to be undertaken with careful consideration. It is important to ensure that the productivity and efficiency of your business gets improved after the installation of such a network. Below are the top mistakes that should be avoided while planning a computer network for business-

  • Choosing the wrong applications- The choice of applications for a business computer network is critical, and must be made taking into account various factors such as the hardware and software being used, and the traffic requirement of your business. Failure to do so might result in a mismatch that will affect the complete functionality.
  • Ignoring scalability- As a business owner, it is important to keep scope for scalability in every investment that you make. The same stands true for a computer network. Many entrepreneurs make the mistake of choosing a rigid network that is suited to the present size of the company, but leaves no scope for future expansion.
  • Poor cost planning- You might plan the perfect computer network for your business, but it is of no use if it over shoots your budget allocated. You can control your network set up costs by looking into detailed features of products/ network devices you plan to purchase. It is quite possible that a multifunctional product proves to be a low cost investment in comparison to individual devices.
  • Absence of plan for security breach- When planning a computer network for your business, no matter how careful you are, there is always a chance of a loophole being left, which might result in a security breach in the network. How this can be avoided, and what needs to be done if it occurs, are all a part of the planning process. Proper training, dedicated staff members, stringent security policies, and a recovery plan can all help in minimizing this risk.
  • Choosing consumer-grade products over business-grade ones– Even though consumer-grade products might seem cheaper and easier to access, but these cause greater trouble in the long run. This is because they are more prone to frauds, lack comprehensive features, and are more difficult to troubleshoot. In addition to this, business-grade networks are better equipped to provide warnings and analytics when needed, helping to prevent a problem before it occurs.

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