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Why Organizations Need Intent-Based Networking?

Intent-based networking or IBN applies deep intelligence and intended state insights to networking. These insights replace the need to manually configure the network. In general terms, the administrators can send a request with desired outcomes or intent to the network instead of coding individual tasks manually. The network’s software understands the intent and decides on the steps that need to be taken based on AI and Machine Learning.

IBN has some advantages over traditional and software-based networking which makes it an ideal choice for organizations. Following are some reasons why organizations need IBN:

Reduction In Manual Tasks: In the case of traditional networking, the administrator has to manually reconfigure every task with changing business needs. However, in the case of IBN, the administrator feeds the business needs to the network and the network analyzes these needs, verifies if a change in configuration will solve the need, suggests configuration options, and makes the required changes.

Faster Troubleshooting And Resolution: An intent-based networking system keeps on monitoring itself regularly. This helps in identifying any issues as soon as they arise. Also, IBN has the capability to repair itself without any human intervention using Machine Learning to find suitable solutions.

Reduced Risk Of Non-Compliance: Since the intent-based network is constantly monitoring and repairing itself, it ensures that the system is always in compliance with any policies set by the administrator.

Better Security: Looking for security threats is a part of regular monitoring conducted by an intent-based network. It monitors encrypted traffic as well to be aware of any possible threat. This results in immediate identification and containment of any security breaches to ensure data and network security of the organization.

Optimized Analytics: Understanding network performance is essential for making efficient decisions and predicting network outcomes for minimal risk. IBN regularly collects data about itself which can be used to deduce important information about network performance.

Rapid Implementation Of Business Goals Into Network Configurations: The main advantage of using intent-based networking is that it readily modifies the network configuration as per high-level business goals. The administrator can easily choose from vetted configuration options suggested by IBN saving the time needed for manual planning, testing, and configuration. Faster implementation of business goals into network configuration results in higher ROI.

For more information on Intent-Based Networking and why organizations need IBN, contact Centex Technologies at (254) 213 – 4740.

Tips On Planning A Big Office Network

October 8, 2013

The first step while planning a big office network is to evaluate the capacity needs of your current network. For this, you need to perform an inventory of all your network locations, which should include the available internet bandwidth, internet access type (VPN, DSL, etc.), and the location name. It is also important to take into consideration the building blocks of your office, which might influence the strength of a wireless network. You must consider the number of access points and bandwidth that your business will need to achieve the expected productivity gains. Along with this, you must also take into account the long-term maintenance of these access points, through centrally-managed controller appliances.

Once you have decided on the number of WLAN access points for your large business, you need to determine the power requirements of these access points, which is usually less than 15 watts. You can consider using power injectors placed along the line within 100 meters, as these provide greater flexibility than conventional power sources.

The next important consideration should be the security of your network. This is critical, considering that you depend on your network for a vast majority of your business functions, including communication, billing, inventory, sales, and trading. A network security breach could cost you heavily in terms of lost revenue and customer litigation.

While it is important to ensure that your network is highly secure, you must ensure that the security of the network does not come in way of its usability. Having a well-drafted network security plan is a good way to ensure effective network security. This should include all the major aspects of network security, such as email and communications activities, identity policy, remote access policy, encryption policy, password policy, antivirus policy, and acceptable use policy. Your network should be equipped with security technologies like firewall, Virtual Private Network (VPN), identity management, content security, and compliance validation.

Avoid interchanging home access points with multiple access points at the office. Even though these might be cheaper, they are likely to interfere with the seamless connection required at the workplace. Also, remember that just because an access point is at an easy location, does not mean it is the best location.

We at Centex Technologies design and implement computer networks for medium and large businesses. For more information call us at – (855) 375-9654

Overview Of Computer Network And Devices

August 26, 2011

There are certain components that are required to keep a computer network running smoothly. Each of these elements has a different purpose and are required for the efficient functioning of the network. They form a part of the hardware and need to be properly maintained so that they do not report any glitches over time. Some of the important parts of computer network system have been mentioned below:

  • Server: A server is like the nervous system of a network and is the most important component of a network. It is used to connect and distribute data over other systems that may also be present on the same network. A server is also used to store data and it can serve a variety of other purposes like sharing of printers, sharing of memory, etc. A network server can be a particular personal computer, a laptop or a standalone server that can take care of network related tasks and help to organize traffic.
  • Modem: Modem stands for Modulation and Demodulation which means the process of conversion of signal in one form to another. A modem is a device that modulates a signal to encode information, and also demodulates such signal to decode the transmitted information. There are many different types of modems available in the market and vary as per their capacity and speed. Depending on the type of your network you can choose among various models of modems.
  • Router: Another essential device that needs to be present in order to operate different computer systems on a network is “router”. It can be used to route data among different networks or systems. It serves the important purpose of helping the data travel further and helps ensure that it reaches its destination. In most of the cases, different computer systems are connected with routers through network cables. To have a completely wireless network, you can use WiFi Routers, that can be appropriately placed in the work area to connect several devices.
  • Firewalls: Firewalls are used to allow or disallow certain type of data over the network. They can be a software firewall (installed on system) or a hardware firewall (as a separate physical device). They are important from security point of view as they restrict unwanted intrusions in the system.

We at Centex Technologies provide complete computer network designing, installation and maintenance services to our clients. For more information on improving your network’s performance and maintaining your present system, feel free to contact us at our Killeen or Dallas office. You can also call us on our Toll Free No. – 800.236.1497

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Computer Network Maintenance Tips

September 27, 2010

In the age of globalization, computer network plays a crucial role. Today, most of the companies operate from multiple locations, sometimes from different countries or from different cities in the same country. In any industry, most of the work is done with the help of computers; therefore, maintaining a computer network becomes extremely important. The computers could be connected with the help of a Local Area Network or through Wide Area Network. Information is sent through this network which could range from two to thousands of computers. Networking of these computers is extremely essential for not only helping the employees to communicate, but also to send and received information. With these large networks in place, it has become extremely important to maintain a good computer network.

Maintenance of computer networks in a proper condition is extremely important for the smooth operation of the day to day operations. For any computer network, server plays a crucial role. It is called as heart of the network. Ensuring a good quality and reliable server could help you to avoid many problems related to the network. Server is also a place where the data and information are stored. Therefore, it is also important to have a back up server in place so that if the primary server fails or does not work, the employees can be asked to switch to another server. This will also ensure smooth conduct of the business without any disturbances. Always ensure that the operating systems of the computers in the network including the server receive regular updates at the right time.

Your computer network is also required to have a up-to-date antivirus system and firewall to minimize the chances of virus attacks that can be caused due to internet or through other network. As far as possible, restrict the usage of internet and removable disks like USB drives, or CD drive.

Computer networks are the backbone in today’s world. If the networks are attacked, your businesses could suffer and you may have to incur huge losses. So maintaining them in proper condition would definitely decide the profitability of your business.

We at Centex Technologies provide state-of-the-art networking solutions to our client. For more information on how to set up a secure computer network in your workplace, please feel free to contact us.

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Common Computer Netwoking Problems

Feb 15, 2010

With expansion of business, there is a need of an intelligent and fast network of computers within a workplace. For that careful planning  is required. Even when you have your network ready, you may encounter few networking issues in daily life. Here I have jotted down common networking issues encountered and methods to solve them.

Duplication of IP addresses : Every computer or a laptop on a network has a IP address. This is a unique set of numbers used to identify a particular machine. At times due to human error, two machines in the same network can get assigned the same IP address as a result “IP conflict” can occur which may hamper performance of those two machine on the network. To tackle that, all you need to do is to change IP address to make it unique within your network.

Problem in connectivity : Connectivity problem is the most common problem encountered in any network. It can occur due to number of causes ranging from loose connection to improper configuration of hubs, switches or routers. First thing to be done when you encounter connectivity problem is to check for the networking connection for your PC. If there is any disconnection, you will need to reconnect and test it. After checking the physical connections of your computer, check if common device’s (switch, hub or router) cabling is properly connected and you can view green light at the connection port. If there is still connectivity problem, then you may need to configure hub, router or switch as the case may be.

Software-related problems : Once all the physical aberrations have been taken care of, but your network is still not responding; you need to check the network for any kind of a software related problem which might range from WINS, DNS to even registry issues. You may need to alter the configuration or reinstall the software that has malfunctioned.

Slow connectivity : If you notice that your network is taking exceptionally long to function and the speed is very slow, it might be resulting from numerous network collisions. In poorly planned networks, this problem is quite frequent as the network gets flooded due to excessive simultaneous transfer of data and information. This problem can be tackled by using zipped and compressed files and folders to transfer heavy data and by using data travelers. This reduces the pressure from the networks and boosts its speed and functioning.

These are few common networking issues that are encountered in daily life. For expert networking solutions feel free to contact Centex Technologies. At Centex Technologies (Based in Killeen, Central Texas) we provide networking and system maintenance solutions to individuals, corporates and businesses.

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