September 27, 2011

Online affiliate marketing is a promotional or advertizement strategy that is used by many companies these days in order to publicize their products or services almost free of cost. The one distinctive feature about affiliate marketing is that the customers or business associates (called Affiliates) are used as promotional elements to spread word about the business among visitors of their websites and online portals. Thus no employees or separate advertizing departments are used in this strategy for expanding the market base. The affiliates on the other hand get certain rewards in return for their effort. These may be in the form of discounts on future purchases, accumulated rewards points that can be redeemed later or even hard cash. This acts as a constant motivating factor for them to keep working on getting in more and more customers for the company.

Companies may either wish to use a conglomeration of different marketing practices including conventional advertizements on different websites, e-mail marketing and affiliate marketing or it may choose to use only affiliate marketing as a standalone promotional tool. The best advantage offered by affiliate marketing is that it can help attract more and more customers due to a certain credibility and faith shown in by affiliates. In most of the cases, affiliates are owners of websites that have substantial web traffic from targeted customers.

For online businesses it is very easy to incorporate affiliate system with their websites to give out necessary promotional feeds, links and banners. The affiliate system can effectively manage and track the traffic coming from various sources and award the required commissions to respective affiliates. Affiliates can log in their accounts and can view the referral income, get more feeds, links and banners, manage their account etc. The ease of setting up an affiliate system makes it one of the favorite marketing tool for online businesses.

Although affiliate marketing has been in existence as a system of advertizing for decades, it is a recent phenomenon on the internet. It has been quite a successful model that has been implemented by many online websites especially the small and moderate sizes e-commerce businesses that cannot afford to spend huge financial resources in placing traditional advertizements.

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