December 27, 2011

Today’s business environment thrives on the availability of adequate channels of communication between a company and outside agencies like the customers and suppliers. There is also a need for individual employees to create a network of useful contacts that they can use throughout their career to reap important benefits. ” LinkedIn” is a portal that offers a platform to all professionals to showcase their business profiles, achievements, awards and recognitions. Professionals can also get in touch with each other to share experiences and develop new business relations. There are several ways in which different groups of people can use LinkedIn to climb up the corporate ladder. Some of the ways in which LinkedIn can be used as a powerful business tool have been specified below:

  • You can approach the top executives of various corporate firms to promote your products and services.
  • Advertizements on LinkedIn can showcase your products to larger clientele.
  • For managers and recruiting officers, LinkedIn helps to provide valuable information about potential candidates for a job opening. Professionals aptly use the website to share their information on skills, experience and personality traits, which can help HR section of various companies identify the right candidate.
  • LinkedIn helps to build a vast network of professional individuals who can help each other in reaching their full potential on the career front.
  • LinkedIn also makes it much easier to maintain better relations with customers and clients so as to keep them satisfied and thus build brand loyalty among them. There are various tools that can be used on LinkedIn to keep in touch with customers and attain proper feedback from them on a regular basis. This feedback helps in making vital changes in the organization that may be necessary to ensure increased sales as well as profits.
  • LinkedIn helps serve a promotional function. Your business can become popular and well known in the professional circles once it sets up a comprehensive and detailed profile on LinkedIn. This in turn helps save on additional advertizing costs for increasing your visibility on the internet.

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