28th Sep 2017

Technology has connected people across seven continents and made this world a Global Village. Connectivity has its own benefits but it has brought along the risk of fraud and theft of vital information available on the web. Businesses are increasingly becoming vulnerable to cyber-attacks and the threat looms large for not just the companies that are less equipped to handle it but even the large firms.

As per the Cost of Cyber Crime Study 2017 – Insights On The Security Investments That Make A Difference published by Accenture, a leading global professional services company, The accelerating cost of cybercrime means that it is now 23 percent more than last year and is costing organizations, on average, US$ 11.7 million. Also, Forbes reports that cybercrime will approximately cost $6 trillion per year on average through 2021.

This grave threat accentuates the need of cyber investigation which can help in tackling cyber-crimes to a certain extent. Today, businesses need to be even more diligent towards cybercrimes and conduct cyber investigations to detect and respond to the virtual attacks. Companies can work on it with these simple tips and principles.

  • Understand The Problem – Companies need to have a better understanding on the types of cybercrimes, what causes it and how it can affect them. This can help them gain a better insight as to how they can prevent as well as protect themselves from cyber-attacks by taking a targeted action. They also need to cognize their employees about the possible threats that may arise when a particular site or system is used.
  • Hire A Team Of Specialists – Cyber-attacks detected after months and years can lead to humungous loss. So to ensure regular monitoring and check, hire a team of cyber specialists dedicated to the task of cyber investigation and security to make sure your vital business information is safe.
  • Collect Evidences – Every crime needs to be validated with evidence, so document everything. Documentation presents the entire information, right from the initial findings to ways in which the situation has affected the company, so make sure that no critical information is missed.
  • Combine Human And Machine efforts – Automate the tasks that can be performed by machines and make the professionals work on complex things that require judgement, intuition and dexterity. This is a strategic move that can help in optimization by reducing human effort which can now be channelized towards tasks that cannot be done by machines.
  • Be Pro-Active – Search for the attackers pro-actively. Rapidly hunt for attackers to prevent cybercrime. Always be a step ahead from the cyber attackers.
  • Create a seamless Investigation Workspace – Investigation workspaces allow analysts and investigators to build an attack story as they get to access information from every sensor and can perform network and endpoint forensic.

Thus, with these simple cyber investigation tips, a business can make an effort to protect itself from cyber-crimes. It is high time that we adopt a new approach to cyber security and defense as data breach and loss can be a huge financial and reputation hit to your company.