June 6, 2011

Website navigation pattern is one of the important elements that can actually govern the ease of use of a particular portal. Not only visitors will be able to use your website effectively, but they will know what to find where? Website navigation or html sitemaps for bigger websites plays an important role in achieving better and higher ranks in search engines. They not only direct website visitors to targeted pages but also let Search Engine spiders know what and where to index. This is the reason why the companies that offer professional web designing services emphasize the need of good website navigation and architecture.

The basic step for good website navigation is to build a suitable site map. As the name suggests, a site map is the basic outline of your whole website. The website may consist of numerous pages, sections as well as sub sections. A sitemap will be an indicator of all those and will also provide a hyperlink to all the pages. Obviously, if you have a site map on your website, it would be much easier for the viewers to navigate through the pages. Web designing services give more consideration towards constructing a site map that is easily understandable to facilitate the search engines to index the site. It is important to note that site map may not be required for small websites with 20-30 web pages but they are must for websites having multiple sections and sub sections.

Apart from easy site navigation, there are numerous other benefits that a site map can put forward. Some of them are:

  • Your website attains easier navigation as well as better ranking by the search engines.
  • You attain the opportunity to index any changes in the content of your website at a faster pace. You can just inform the search engines about these changes through the site map.
  • It can be very helpful when there are some links that are accidentally broken or some urchin pages that you cannot access through other means.
  • For new websites, a site map speeds up the procedure of indexing the pages.
  • It helps in the better classification of your website content.

In addition to the site maps, there are many other things that you need to follow to provide an easy navigation to your viewers. These are:

  • To hyperlink the pages through the use of relevant keywords in content. It helps you to maintain an organized website.
  • Usage of Breadcrumbs within the content pages.
  • Categorizing content pages into sections and subsections according to the nature of information/ service/ products provided.
  • To create links, link titles, anchor texts, urls according to the page (and keywords targeted).

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