July 26, 2010

If you want to market your products on the internet, using Facebook and Twitter is a good option. As two of the leading social networking sites in the world, these have become very popular among marketers for business promotion.
Launched in 2004, Facebook has millions of active members (400 million plus as on date)  and thousands of people signing in everyday. On the other hand, Twitter is a micro blogging website that was created in 2006. Its mobile social networking service has attracted a lot of attention and popularity from members. Twitter has also been ranked as the third most used website in the world.

When you decide to use Facebook and Twitter for business promotion, the first step is to create groups that can be used by fellow users. This allows businesses to be a part of the social environment on these networking sites and get informed about its updates. Also, groups can be used as an advertisement base to reveal and promote your products or services. On Facebook, users also have the option to setup contests and polls that make people aware of their offerings.

On Twitter, business promotion can be undertaken by sending multiple tweets to other users. In response, people recognizing your product will become followers and potential customers.

Several other features of Facebook and Twitter can be used to market your business. These mainly include Self Promotion, News Feed and Publisher along with other features. By using them optimally, you can post your message about the products in a single space and contact plenty of online customers.

When users look at your groups or posts on Facebook, their interest develops gradually. Similarly, followers on Twitter are sure to become potential clients when they receive regular updates about your business. Along with text, photos can also be posted for a better view of your products as well as services. When customers can see things rather than just reading about them, the impact is much more.

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