March 9, 2015

Google has recently announced a major alteration in its search algorithms in order to yield better results for the mobile users. Starting from April 21 this year, mobile friendly websites will be given a higher ranking in Google’s search results. Keeping in line with the increasing use of mobile devices, these changes are expected to be certainly significant for businesses and entrepreneurs. In addition to this, Google is also focusing on making indexed apps feature more prominently in the search results. Hence, if you are signed in from a mobile device, you will see content relevant to the apps already installed on your device.

According to the statement quoted at Google Webmaster’s official blog, “In reference to the mobile searches, it is important that the users get the most appropriate and relevant results. It does not matter if the information is sought from the mobile websites or the apps. As more and more people are using the internet from these small screen devices, we had to bring changes in our search algorithms.

The company also stated that they will not be making the changes immediately as they want to give enough time to the internet marketers and business owners to be prepared. During this time, they can make the necessary changes to their websites to rank higher in mobile searches.

Given here are some of the tips that can help you make your website mobile friendly and more responsive:

  • Optimize The Layout: Mobile users usually look for the contact information, business hours and directions to your office. Make sure you provide all these information at the top corner of your website, along with a link to Google Maps.
  • Limit The Use Of Images: Inserting too many or high definition images in your website increases its loading time on mobile devices. Therefore, try to limit images and if necessary, use smaller ones or compress them so that they load quickly.
  • Design For Touchscreen: Ensure that all the links and buttons are easy to be clicked. Also, the buttons that are to be used more frequently should be provided at the bottom right corner of the website.
  • Limit Content: Mobile users do not want to read a lengthy content to know about your company. Simplify the website content so that your key products and services can catch their attention immediately.

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