September 13, 2011

Facebook has become the most visited website across the world in recent years. The popularity and grand success of this social networking portal has enabled it to become one of the most talked about web applications on the internet today. Almost everyone that we meet or interact with in our daily life is bound to have a Facebook account. This interactive and innovative website has also become a destination for many businesses to set up their online stores. A special feature known as “Facebook Storefront” is offered by Facebook that allow business owner to set up their shop in minutes.

The best part about the Facebook Storefront application is that it allows small business owners with limited capital resources to open up an online store. Using Facebook Storefront, you can display your products in almost any way you want. You can categories your products, show product details including cost, description and other necessary details to visitors. There are several additional elements that have made Facebook Store Fronts a viable application for completing online purchase of a wide variety of products.

These store fronts are generally referred to as social shops and allow business owners to list any item (as per terms and conditions) that store owners wish to sell on their page. A Facebook page is created for their business that can be customized as per individual preferences. There are several different templates to choose from and you can select one that best suits your business image. You can get your visitors or customers to “like” your shop or facebook page and stay updated with latest updates that you have to offer. They can also converse with your store administrator and invite their friends to take a look or “network” with your business.

Facebook Store Fronts is emerging as one powerful selling tool for business owners. With brand value of Facebook on your side, you can effectively sell your products across masses.

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