March 11, 2016

Emails are by far the most common means through which hacking and phishing attacks are carried out. It is important to properly configure their security settings so as to keep yourself protected and prevent data breaches. Besides, there are certain simple ways by which you can keep your email account secure. Some of these are:

Use Multiple Accounts

Ideally, you should use different email accounts for all your online activities. This will not only increase security but also help to organize your emails. You can create separate accounts for work, social media websites, and personal communication. Thus, even if one of your accounts is hacked, rest of the information will remain safe.

Change Passwords Regularly

In addition to having separate accounts, you should create different and unique passwords for each of them. Also, make sure you regularly reset the passwords to keep your information protected.  Passwords for the accounts that you use for bill payments, online shopping, work and other sensitive tasks should be more often changed. Create passwords that are unique, lengthy and hard to crack.

Beware Of Phishing Scams

You should be careful to avoid being a victim of a phishing scam. It involves the use of fake emails from unknown senders or websites disguised as legitimate ones in order to trap users to reveal their confidential information. Make sure you do not click on any link provided in such emails as they may direct you to a malicious website or infect your computer with a malware.

Do Not Open Unsolicited Attachments

Avoid downloading any attachment as long as you do not know the sender or the contents of the file/folder. You may end up downloading a virus, Trojan or worm simply by clicking on a malicious email attachment. Install and regularly update security software on your device to scan all the downloaded files for any potential threats.

Avoid Public Wi-Fi

Avoid using your email account on a public internet connection. Information sent and received on such networks are usually unencrypted and can be manipulated by the hackers for malicious purposes. When you use Wi-Fi to log in to your email account, your username, password and other sensitive information is at risk to be retrieved by the cybercriminals.

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