June 28, 2012

Internet marketing has revolutionized the very definition of “marketing” as the experts in the field knew it. Contrary to what some may think, it is not enough to merely build a website, but what is actually important is to attract relevant users to it, and convert visits into sales. That is what internet marketing is all about, and here are the top mistakes that are made by website owners:

  • Not blogging and sending out regular newsletters- Blogs and newsletters are among the most efficient ways of reaching out to your users, and building your credibility. Forgetting to be regular with them, or simply being too lazy about it is a major internet marketing mistake.
  • Having insufficient calls-to-action- Users have come to your website, but once they are there, they are bombarded with an elaborate design, blocks of text, and flashy images. But not enough clear and simple calls-to-action that will actually lead them to your products or services. Make use of simple designs and contrasting colors to grab the attention of users within seconds of them arriving on your website.
  • Having a disjointed strategy- While it is great to have separate teams working on various aspects of your marketing strategy, like social media, online campaigns, SEO, etc., it is equally important to ensure that they work in sync with each other, and that there is a common link running between all of them.
  • Not checking performance often enough- There is a lot more than tweaking your website or updating products that you need to do in order to have a clear idea of what’s working and what’s not for your website. You need to track performance of your internet marketing campaign and this should be done on weekly basis if possible. Based on the results you should modify your action plan.
  • Ignoring SEO – Ranking high on search engines is one of the best strategies that can yield you high return on investment. SEO not only get you traffic from search engines but also adds to your authority in the industry. Ignoring Search Engine Optimization is one of the major mistakes that web masters make.
  • Short term strategies – Short term marketing strategies like luring users with false offers might give you temporary success, but in the long run, it will just wreak havoc over your online reputation. In the internet marketing world, always place authenticity above all else!

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