March 20, 2010

Residential as well as business areas have incorporated electronic surveillance technology to track any suspicious movements in their premises. In UK, more than 4 million video cameras are used for surveillance of government buildings, parks and streets and in US, I am sure the figure would be much higher.

Apart from the traditional CCTV networks, organizations have started using digital cameras and DVR based gadgets. These provide clear images, greater coverage and automatic zooming, tilting and panning. Installation is simple and you can even connect the camera with your desktop or TV.

While buying a security camera for internal or external security, certain features need to be considered. These include:

  • Think about the level of security surveillance needed. This includes identifying the area to be covered through the camera.
  • Depending on the kind of organization, different security cameras have varying features. Every camera has playback feature but some of them may show four shots together. Hence, you need to decide the features to be included in your security cameras.
  • Indoor security cameras are different from outdoor security cameras. Of course, the outdoor devices are sturdier and built to handle wind, rain or dust. In contrast, indoor cameras are smaller and less visible to the naked eye.
  • The common types of security cameras include bullet cameras, dome cameras and box cameras. Rather than purchasing a conventional security camera, you can go for innovative devices like hidden spy cameras, panning cameras, tilting cameras, wireless nanny cams, digital video recorders and motion-activated cameras.
  • The security camera has to be placed in a way that allows maximum accessibility, visibility and coverage of target area. The lines of resolution must also be checked. While 350 lines of resolution is low, 480 lines is good for normal use. To get high resolution, opt for CCTV with 525-580 lines.
  • For night surveillance, you will need a security camera with infrared LEDs to illuminate the desired area. This will ensure clear images and video footage.

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