May 24 2013

Office security is a multidimensional undertaking, extending beyond the physical safety, into virtual safety. With the high number of security breaches that have been hitting the corporate world in recent times, it is becoming imperative for business owners to invest in high-end office security systems, which cover all the major aspects of security at the workplace. The following list enumerates the major modern office security solutions, and their need-

  • Security Cameras- Also known as CCTV cameras (Closed Circuit Television Cameras), these video cameras are an excellent way to monitor activity in the office at all times. Ensure that the CCTVs are installed at all prominent places, such as the entrance and exit, area of financial transactions, hall ways, stairwells, etc.
  • Digital Recorders- Even though not necessary, digital video recorders are a worthy component for any office security system. These recorders are connected to the CCTV cameras, and make it possible to watch the recorded footage at a later time, fast-forwarding through insignificant events. A security system without a digital recorder is of no major use, since you can only watch the footage in real time, and have no evidence to present to the police in case something suspicious happens.
  • Remote Viewing- Remote viewing is a great feature to look for in an office security system, as it helps you to monitor the office activities while on the go. You can choose from various remote viewing options including on your smart phone, PC, or even television screen at home! This means that you are virtually present in your office at all times.
  • Touch-Screen Systems- Modern touch-screen systems make for an excellent component of your office security systems. Using such a system, you can literally have your office activity on your fingertips all day. A touch-screen system can be used to virtually walk through individual employee’s desks, view latest activity on your system, communicate instructions through message center, create phone-line backups, disarm the security system, etc.

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