February 28, 2013

Video marketing is one of the most underrated social media marketing strategies, taking from how most companies tend to overlook the need to make the most of this technique. As a user of social media websites, anyone would agree that the effect achieved by a well-made video can hardly be matched up with blocks of text, or even images. Videos perfectly bring together the power of words and pictures, to put across a message with minimal effort from the viewer. The following simple steps tell you how you can boost leads to your website through video marketing-

Creating a video

You can use the same video on all the social media networks that you are active on, including Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, Google+, etc. Some pointers to keep in mind while creating the video are-

  • Keep the video short- 2 to 3 minutes is ideal.
  • Start with a genuine greeting that’s relevant to your brand’s spirit and true to your personality. Throw in some humor or a thought-provoking statement to keep your viewer engaged.
  • Keep them gripped by jumping straight to what they want to know, which is what is on offer for them. This could be a content giveaway, a special discount, a one-time coupon code, etc.
  • Narrating anecdotes, whether personal, or third-person, always works greatly in videos.
  • Finally, remember to finish off with a clear call-to-action.

Building an all-rounded strategy

Just a 2-minute video is not going to be enough, and you have to structure an effective campaign around it. To start off, it is a great idea to put together all of your premium content, including images, blog posts, etc. together in a single theme. Also make sure that you have a professional landing page that summarizes what’s being offered through the campaign.

It helps to divide your content into two types- Indirect content, which offer users genuine information to build your credibility and encourage them to share their details, and direct content- which focuses on putting out your offer.

Ensuring maximum “shareability” of your video

Start off by optimizing it on Youtube, with a clear call-to-action. Make sure you have a great title for your video, as this makes a world of a difference. You also need to post links to your video on all your social media channels.