16 September, 2016

Information security is the essence of every organization. With the recent hacking attacks targeted at big business firms, it has become even more important to protect the confidential data. However, despite spending a lot of resources on IT security, entrepreneurs often overlook the risk posed by uninformed personnel within the organization. Proper security training is essential to make them familiar with the latest forms of data breach and the precautions they need to take in order to prevent such attacks.

Given below are some reasons why information security training is important in organizations:

Avoid Potential Risk

When employees attend the IT training classes, they get to know the basics of online browsing risks and safety. This can minimize the potential risks that may arise due to any phishing or social engineering techniques used by the hackers. During the training, the employees can also be made to face a simulated hacking attack, in which they understand the consequences that the entire organization may have the bear.

Train Employees To Stay Safe On The Internet

With proper training, employees can learn about the best practices to improve their online browsing experience, both on the personal and professional front. They will be more careful while downloading any files or program, opening email attachments, using social media accounts, sharing important information over the internet etc. All these will benefit the organization in the long run.

Build A Secure Internal Environment

When you provide complete information security training to all the employees, it maintains an overall secure environment within the organization. They will understand the company’s security policies in a better way and coordinate with the IT staff in case an issue arises. With this, in the event of data breach, the management will be able to take immediate action and diminish the associated financial costs as well as loss of company’s intellectual property.

Responsibility For Company Data

Information security training will also inform employees about their duties and accountabilities towards maintaining confidentiality of the company’s data. They will know what type of data can be shared and with whom. Strong password practices, data encryption, file management and other related polices will be more dedicatedly followed when the employees are aware of their legal and regulatory obligations towards the integrity of the organization’s resources.

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