January 3, 2011

Google Merchant center is a reformed version of Google Base that enables users to conduct e-commerce activities. It is a platform that facilitates the sale of physical products through various Google properties. Earlier Google Base was used by users to promote their products and services through but now Google has separated the “products” section to more advanced version i.e. Google Merchant Center. However users who were promoting or selling their “services” like real estate listings etc through Google Base can continue to do the same.

To start with, all business owners need to fulfill the first step of registration while signing up with Google Merchant Center. People who already possess a Gmail account or a Google Base account do not need to register a new one. However Gmail users who may not have been verified earlier will now have to submit the requisite information for verification. The address and contact information of the business is mentioned along with a personal contact number. The URL of your business website also needs to be submitted. Only after the authentication process is complete the products will start displaying on Google search and other Google services.

Google Merchant Center has equipped online stores and online product selling companies to get even wider marketing base. With wide popularity and reach of Google properties, users can create an effective campaign for selling their products. Google Merchant center allows users to list information about the products that they intend to sell so that they can show up in search results. Any potential buyer who wished to buy something will be able to look at these results. The listing of the products is free but users can also advertize their products. Most of the small, medium and large business owners can effectively take benefits of selling their products through Google Merchant Center.

Google Merchant center allows sale of products to take place in a secure manner  and is completely free from fraud. If any fraudulent activity is detected or suspected in relation to bank accounts or orders in process, the transaction is immediately cancelled or delayed until further inspection has taken place. There is a specific time frame within which the sellers have to meet delivery deadlines if they are registered with the Google Merchant Center.

For online shops and businesses, we at Centex Technologies recommend taking full benefit of Google Merchant Center. We manage Merchant Center accounts for our clients and also provide other Internet Marketing services like Search Engine Optimization, Google Places Optimization, PPC management, Press Release and Social Media Promotions.

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