Google Maps are an indispensable part of our online activity, and come in handy each time we want to search for a local business. Most business owners understand the impact that a good Google Maps listing can have on their online marketing strategy, which is why even the small sized businesses take out the time to fill out their Google Maps listing. This, however, is just the first step to actually use Google Maps – Optimizing Your Business For Google Search.

So how can you go from being shoved behind in the “more results near XYZ cities” to earning a coveted spot in the Google ten pack? Here are some essential tips to guide you through-

  • Verify information on your listing- This is the first and most basic step, but can make a huge difference, considering the major stress that Google has always laid on relevancy and authenticity. Something as simple as listing two different business addresses can make Google discredit you. Make sure that the information on your website’s contact page is the same as that on Google Maps.
  • Increase your inbound links- One of the easiest ways to bring yourself higher on Google Maps listings is by increasing citations and inbound links from genuine local sources. Registering on reputed directories is a good way to start.
  • Collect user reviews- User-generated content is always given high emphasis by Google, and the same stands true for Google Maps. Even though there is sure to be an occasional negative review, that should not make you shy away from encouraging users to share their experience. Start with your most dedicated customers, and gradually lead others to your listing through Calls-To-Action.
  • Choose category associations correctly- While filling your Google Maps listing, you can use up to 5 categories for your business. Choose these categories wisely, ensuring that the first one clearly reflects what your business does, and the subsequent ones have your keywords and location.
  • Do the right SEO- Google Maps listings and SEO are closely interlinked, which makes it important for your to use basic SEO techniques in your Google Maps listing. For instance, you need to ensure that the anchor text in inbound links has location keywords; and that the listing description has relevant description, while still having keywords.

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