July 18, 2011

Google checkout is a service provided by Google that makes it simple for you to make payments for your online purchases. Users can save their debit or credit card as well the shipping information in their Google account so that they can easily make purchases at the online stores that are participating in it. Google checkout also puts forward protection from any type of fraud and also has an integrated page to track the purchases and its status.


Google checkout is an alternative method that can be used for buying online. Although it is primarily designed to process the transactions that involve digital and tangible goods, yet it can be used for other transactions such as subscriptions, services and donations. However, at present, one cannot make use of Google checkout to transfer money person to person.

For the buyers, Google checkout has turned out to be a secure, convenient and a fast way for online shopping. Google checkout has made it much easy to shop online by presenting a single log-in to make any sort of purchases all the way through the web.

Benefits of Google checkout to businesses

  • Attract leads: Google checkout is itself a brand and a symbol of trust. Google Checkout logo acts as a seal of trust for online shoppers. If you are using Google Checkout for processing payments you are bound to get an increase in sales.
  • Convert sales: When the clients skim over your web site, the efficient checkout process of Google checkout helps to reduce the cart desertion and convince the clients to purchase. If the buyers have already made use of Google checkout, all they have to do is to login their Google checkout account to make purchases from you. There is no need to re enter their shipping and payment details at every purchase they make.
  • Processing: When customers purchase anything from you, you get a notification from Google about the order.  This allows you to then process the order.
  • Fighting fraud: The advanced tools of Google checkout help you to fight fraud by stopping any invalid orders from approaching you. You can also enjoy chargeback protection.

Thus, Google checkout provides you an easy, secure and convenient way of shopping online and saves you from any sort of hassles and frauds.

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