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Google Checkout – An Insight

July 18, 2011

Google checkout is a service provided by Google that makes it simple for you to make payments for your online purchases. Users can save their debit or credit card as well the shipping information in their Google account so that they can easily make purchases at the online stores that are participating in it. Google checkout also puts forward protection from any type of fraud and also has an integrated page to track the purchases and its status.


Google checkout is an alternative method that can be used for buying online. Although it is primarily designed to process the transactions that involve digital and tangible goods, yet it can be used for other transactions such as subscriptions, services and donations. However, at present, one cannot make use of Google checkout to transfer money person to person.

For the buyers, Google checkout has turned out to be a secure, convenient and a fast way for online shopping. Google checkout has made it much easy to shop online by presenting a single log-in to make any sort of purchases all the way through the web.

Benefits of Google checkout to businesses

  • Attract leads: Google checkout is itself a brand and a symbol of trust. Google Checkout logo acts as a seal of trust for online shoppers. If you are using Google Checkout for processing payments you are bound to get an increase in sales.
  • Convert sales: When the clients skim over your web site, the efficient checkout process of Google checkout helps to reduce the cart desertion and convince the clients to purchase. If the buyers have already made use of Google checkout, all they have to do is to login their Google checkout account to make purchases from you. There is no need to re enter their shipping and payment details at every purchase they make.
  • Processing: When customers purchase anything from you, you get a notification from Google about the order.  This allows you to then process the order.
  • Fighting fraud: The advanced tools of Google checkout help you to fight fraud by stopping any invalid orders from approaching you. You can also enjoy chargeback protection.

Thus, Google checkout provides you an easy, secure and convenient way of shopping online and saves you from any sort of hassles and frauds.

We at Centex Technologies provide complete eCommerce solutions including payment gateway integration with shopping cart. For more information on our eCommerce solutions, call us at 800. 236. 1497

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Important Ecommerce Website Features

December 27, 2010

If you are planning to start an online shopping business, the first thing that you will need to do is to create an eCommerce website that can help bring your products to customers. You can create a ecommerce website by roping in experienced web development company. The eCommerce website can be hosted on web servers by paying web hosting company a certain annual or monthly fee. The name of your website should be easy to remember and spell so that visitors do not experience any problems logging on to it. If you are creating an eCommerce website for the first time in order to give impetus to a new business, you should try to incorporate the following elements in your website:

  1. Online selling is a lot more social now days. As an eCommerce website, you should incorporate various available social media promotion tools within the website to effectively put your products across masses.
  2. There must be a well developed home page in colors that are not too garish and are in accordance with your products. This helps set the theme for the rest of the website. For example, if you are into the business of selling environment friendly products, you should keep the color of your homepage in different shades of green. There should be other buttons on the homepage that should be big enough to be seen by the average viewer and help direct visitors to other related pages.
  3. It is vital for an ecommerce website to have a detailed product catalog listing all the products that are on offer for sale along with the price that is being charged on them. The product id should also be affixed to each product to help identify them easily. The colors offered should be showcased with the option to see the particular product in all colors available.
  4. In today’s times, internet fraud and stealth of money has become quite common. This has made it necessary to have certain security features like SSL in place as potential buyers are going to be sharing their bank account and credit card details on your website while buying items. This also helps build you credibility among customers and makes it easy for them to purchase from you.
  5. You should incorporate features like affiliate system, auto product suggestions, newsletter, promotional codes in your shopping cart. It is beneficial for increasing the sales of your store.

The whole idea is to keep the eCommerce website simple and user friendly. Well planned ecommerce website can generate high business revenues and can make your online selling business a success.

We at Centex Technologies provide complete ecommerce solutions to our clients. We custom create shopping carts to generate personalized experience for users. For more information on our web development services, please feel free to call us at: (254)-213-4740

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What Is A Payment Gateway?

August 23, 2010

Payment gateway is a software solution that allows internet users to make purchase online. There are several websites online that are selling products to its customers online and are making use of payment gateways to charge them for their purchases, the most popular payment gateways being PayPal, and Authorize.net.

These gateways are analogous to POS as seen in the offline shops. While selecting a payment gateway, you need to be very sure that it is reliable and 100% secure. The popular gateways like PayPal have been around for years and are known for reliable services to the customers. All the payment gateways use mandatory security procedures like working on SSL, having independent servers and incorporating fraud tracking mechanism.

If you have an online store, you may need to have a payment gateway which works with the shopping cart to allow successful checkouts. The process of connection of an online store with gateway is called Payment Gateway Integration. To integrate a payment gateway with your ecommerce website, you will need to take services of a reliable web development company.

How Payment Gateway Works:

  • After selecting the products that a customer wants to buy online he submits his order and it is forwarded in an encrypted form to the web server of the seller. Through SSL, the information fed in the form is encrypted and is sent to Gateway.
  • The details of the transaction are then forwarded to the acquiring bank of the merchant.
  • The acquiring banks then forward the same to issuing bank i.e. the bank that has provided the credit card to the buyer.
  • After getting the details, issuing bank then forwards the response to an online gateway that whether the payment has been acknowledged or not. If not acknowledged, the cause is also sent in the response.
  • The cause is then forwarded to gateway and hence to the server of the merchant.
  • The response is ultimately sent to buyer in an encrypted form to inform the customer if his order has been placed effectively or not.
  • At last, the issuing bank deposits the required amount in the account of merchant.

Why Online Payment Gateway is essential?

  • It is an indispensable part of online shopping, payment of goods bought online cannot be made without a payment gateway.
  • It adds to the use of E-Commerce i.e. selling and buying of goods via internet.

The only thing that you need to keep in mind is the security of the whole process while working with payment gateways. You need to follow the procedures laid by the local agencies as well as payment gateways for integrating these successfully. You should take services of experienced Web Development Company for payment gateway integration. We at Centex Technologies are experts in providing Ecommerce solutions including creation of shopping carts, payment gateway integration, ecommerce optimization, and pay-per-click management.

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SEO and Pay Per Click Campaigns for Ecommerce Websites.

May 17, 2010

For any online business, getting on top of search engines is one of the most important business needs. For getting on top of prominent search engines (Google, Yahoo and Bing) various techniques are to be followed and careful site analysis is required. The process of getting websites on top of various search engines i.e. Search Engine Optimization or SEO, requires modifications and additions of various parameters in the website. Besides this, emphasis is given on important Off-Page optimization processes. An effective SEO will get your website on top ranks on search engines for desired keywords.

For online businesses with multiple products or services, it becomes quite difficult to target all categories and products through SEO. If you try to target all the products through SEO, the effort required would be too much in comparison to the returns you will get instantly. In such circumstances, Pay Per Click campaigns are run on various search engines. In Pay Per Click or PPC, once the campaign is set, you are charged for very click you get. Such campaigns are successful where there are many products and you need instant traffic to generate sales of products. Depending on the product’s cost, other expenditures, and profits desired, you can plan out your marketing budget for the same.

All major search engines like Google, Yahoo and Bing have their own PPC networks. They display your advertisements in Text format, Image Format or even Video format. Now days campaigns for mobile devices can also be created and ads can be displayed on handhelds. Search Engines and other PPC networks also display advertisements in the content of their network websites.

If you have a website with multiple products, to make the most out of online marketing, I would recommend going in for a SEO plus PPC campaign. We at Centex Technologies provide complete Internet Marketing solutions including SEO and PPC. We set up and manage your SEO and PPC campaigns to generate profitable ROI. Contact us to know more how we can improve your online presence and generate sales for your products.

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