November 7, 2010

Data storage housekeeping is a crucial part of regular system maintenance. It is done to make sure that your whole network of systems or individual systems run smoothly. There are several important elements of data storage housekeeping that should be addressed properly. Below are some of the points that should be regularly taken care of.

  • Backup administration – Keeping the proper back-ups of data is the most important task for all networks. The data back-up can be done in compressed form so that it does not hamper daily operations of network system.
  • Anti-virus update – For obvious reasons, anti -virus system needs to be up-dated. One of the issues with it is the hard drive space used by the updates. It is advised to periodically uninstall the anti-virus and reinstall with updated version to free up the updated space.
  • Operating system updates – In comparison to new updated version of operating system,  regularly updated (over years) operating system software consumes a lot of hard drive space. It is important to safely remove the debris from the past updates so that you can create some free space on your hard drive. You can do so by reviewing and renewing the operating system.
  • Old archive data – Archives are created in order to back up data so that it can be used when needed. Most of the times the archived files stay on the computer system for long, even when they are of no use. As a result they consume considerable hard drive space. To release up the hard drive space, these archived files should be removed from the hard drive to other storage devices. Even if they are to be kept on the system, they should be stored in compressed form.
  • Email boxes – It is important to regularly monitor email folders on the server to remove the unwanted emails/ junk mails/ attachments that consume server space.
  • Unused software – Softwares that run in background but practically are of no use should be removed from the system. Such softwares can affect the performance of the system.
  • File saving – It is important to save the files in proper folders with correct names. Doing so will make sure that you can easily retrieve the data from archived files/ folders latter on.
  • Keep it tidy – All files and folders should be kept in a simple, easy to retrieve structure. This is important to make sure that you or anyone else who uses your system can conveniently access the files when needed.

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