January 27, 2015

Business travelers are always a prime target for the cyber criminals and spammers to gain access to their computers and confidential data stored therein. Thus, before you go on your next business trip, make sure that you follow these important security tips in order to keep your system safe from any sort of vulnerabilities.

  • Install Proper Security Updates And Patches: Before you leave for your journey, update the security software of the operating system and other applications for your computer. Also update the anti-virus software and if possible, enable it to update automatically. Although these processes may take a while, but it can prevent your system from security attacks by hackers.
  • Download Updates From Authorized Websites: If your computer suggests you to update certain software or applications, do not click on the ‘update’ button straightaway. This can be a malware to install spam software in your operating system. To avoid this, you should go to an authorized website and download the updates directly from there.
  • Always Use Virtual Private Network (VPN): Whenever you use the internet connection offered at public places such as hotels, airports and cafes, there is a higher possibility that your data can be intercepted and accessed unless it is properly encoded. This may include your username, password, documents and emails that you send etc. If your company provides VPN access, make sure you use it while traveling.
  • Beware Of Free Access Points: Unsecured Wi-Fi access points may seem to be tempting, but they may be a trap set by the hackers to spy on your private data. Malicious hotspots can also be used to redirect the users to spam websites that can infect the computer with viruses. However, if you need to connect to the internet, make sure that you opt for Wi-Fi services that require a password for authentication.
  • Encrypt Your Hard Drive: Your laptop may consist of some important business related data which may be at the target of cyber criminals. Make sure that your hard drive is properly encrypted and has a complete backup to keep all your information secure.
  • Avoid Using Public Computers: Computers in internet cafes and hotel business centers should never be trusted for any private communication or transaction. There may be a key logger installed to detect your username and passwords as you type.

It is also advisable that you change your laptop’s password once you have returned from the business trip.