July 12, 2012

Customer satisfaction is amongst the most important considerations that any online retailer needs to make. A little extra effort put into assuring that your customers get what they need and are not disappointed in any way, can go a long way in setting you apart from your competitors. The following tips can help you in improving the support offered to your customers, and leaving them satisfied each time they visit your website.

Provide valuable information – Working on the content that you provide on your website, whether it is about your products and services, or information related to what you offer, is one of the best ways to have satisfied customers. By doing so, you let your customers know that you are knowledgeable about your field, and also give them a reason to revisit your website.

Share information about yourself – Make the maximum use of your “about us” section by giving your customers an insight into who you are, where you are, how you got into this business, and what makes you different from other sites offering similar services. Also include a FAQ (Frequently Asked Questions) section to address common doubts in the minds of your customers, and to let them know how you shall assist them should anything go wrong during or after they make a purchase.

Be helpful and honest – Just having an active online customer support team is not enough. You need to train your customer support representatives to treat each customer with genuine concern, and to look beyond the metrics like turnover rate or wait time. You can also engage in proactive interaction with customers who appear to be in the need of help, like a customer who seems to be revisiting product pages repeatedly, or one who is spending longer-than-average time at checkout. It is equally important to encourage honesty in all interactions.

Under-promise, and over-deliver – Having satisfied customers is all about delivering more than you promise. Take your customers by surprise by giving them unexpected gifts and surprise offers. An easy return policy is also a key factor in customer satisfaction. However, your principal aim should be to enhance customer support at the pre-sale stage to reduce the likelihood of returns in the first place.

With the power of social media being at an all-time high, every small effort that you make towards customer satisfaction will result in an amplified boost to your online reputation. We at Centex Technologies provide Internet Marketing, IT Support, Web Development and Website Designing services to our clients in Austin, Dallas, Killeen and other areas in Central Texas. For more information, feel free to call us at toll free no – (800) 236-1497

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