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Keeping Your Credit Card Online Transactions Safe Online

Technology has made world a global village as everything is just a click away. This has opened up a plethora of opportunities for businesses. Almost all the brands are there on the web enabling people to enjoy the comfort of shopping and transacting while sitting at their home or workplace. More and more people are opting to transact online using their credit cards.

However, other side of picture presents the stark reality of cyber-crimes. The rising number of frauds corroborate the importance of learning about ways to keep one’s sensitive information and credit card details safe while doing online transactions.

Here are some tips and tricks to keep your credit card online transactions safe online –

  • Password Protection – Make sure that you do not set very common passwords based on your date of birth, initials of phone number or name etc. as hackers can easily judge and crack them. Setting unique passwords for different transactions is an ideal move as it helps to avoid loss of sensitive information.
  • Check The URL – Do check the URL before clicking on any website link because hackers sometimes create legitimate looking sites which otherwise contain malware and can steal your credit card details. Ensure that the address begins with ‘https’ and not ‘http’ as sites with an https connection have higher level of security.
  • Avoid Using Public Networks – It is highly advisable to avoid using public networks and Wi- Fi if you are making payments through your credit card. Do not access bank accounts and other websites that require sensitive credentials and logins on public Wi-Fi networks.
  • Opt For Trusted Payment Gateways – While transacting through your credit card make sure that you opt for trusted payment gateways. Purchase the product from reputed merchants to lessen the risk of credit card fraud.
  • Don’t Store The Information – A pop up may appear on your computer screen when you are doing online banking or making payments online through your credit card. It might ask for permission to save your passwords and other details. The only way to safeguard yourself is to click on ‘NO’. Do not store or save important details like credit card number or passwords to ensure complete safety of information.
  • Understand What Sites Need – It is important to keep a note of information that you provide on various sites. Genuine sites and vendors would only ask for details such as the credit card number, expiry date, shipping address and a security code. Be wary of websites that ask for more information than what is generally required.
  • Add A Layer Of Security – The soaring figures of credit card frauds validate the importance of adding additional layers of security. Ask your bank to enable the security features and they will send a verification message or one time password before a payment is made through your credit card.
  • Regularly View Transaction History – Make it a habit to check your transaction history every now and then. This will enable you to detect any suspicious activity and take preventive measures as soon as possible.

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Online Credit Card Payment Security Tips

February 21, 2011

These days, most of the online purchases are made with the help of credit cards. They are becoming increasingly popular due to the ease with which credit cards can be used. However, the number of monetary thefts has also risen considerably along with this. If you are an avid online shopper, there are certain tips and tricks that you can make use of in order to protect your financial information from potential data thieves who can misuse it in whatever manner they choose. Some ways in which you can keep your credit card information safe are:

  • The most important step is to acquire adequate protection for your operating system. There must be an appropriate firewall installed that keeps credit card thieves at bay. In case there is not enough protection on your PC or laptop, every time that you fill in your credit card information, you will be putting yourself at grave risk. It is better to refrain from using your card for any purchases on the internet until you take these necessary measures.
  • You should only make online purchases from websites that have proper security measures and encryption in place. The server where you access new products and complete the payment process must be a secure and certified one. You should not mindlessly use any website for shopping purposes. Only a select few that are reliable and trusted must be used for retail therapy.
  • You can also take a precautionary measure of making use of virtual cards instead of your original credit card. When you exercise this option, you need not fill in the actual credit card number every time you wish to shop as you can simply fill in a fake card number allotted to you. This way, even if this number does get stolen, the thief will not be able to make use of such information.
  • If you have registered your email for online banking facilities and frequently receive credit card bills through e mails, you should make it a point to delete all such information from time to time. You can take print outs of the same as soon as you receive them and then immediately delete them so that this confidential information does not remain on the internet or with your mailing service provider.

It is important for ecommerce websites to instill confidence in customers. They need to follow secure coding standards, should incorporate SSL certificates and educate their customers about ways to shop online in secure manner while placing an order.

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