February 26, 2016

With increase in online threats through various mediums, it is crucial to configure web browsers to have a safe and secure internet browsing environment. Web browsers, such as Google Chrome, Mozilla Firefox, Apple Safari and Internet Explorer, are the most frequently used ones and it is important to have their settings right so as to prevent viruses, malware, phishing and other cyber-attacks. One of the methods to safeguard your PC from cyber threats is to use “Browser Sandboxing”. It refers to adding an additional security layer between the operating system and online programs by providing an isolated virtual environment for the applications to run without affecting the functioning of the computer.

How Does Browser Sandboxing Work?

A sandbox is a form of software that controls the execution of the online applications and programs that may present a security risk. Apps running within the sandbox have limited access to your computer and the files stored in it, therefore, they cannot make any permanent changes or install malicious programs in the system. Though the exact working of browser sandboxing varies with different programs, it mainly serves the following purposes:

  • Execute unknown and potentially dangerous programs in a controlled setting, either automatically or manually.
  • Prevent damage from browsing malicious websites while browsing the internet or downloading applications.
  • Stop the existing malware on the computer from gaining access to your confidential information, such as log in credentials, online banking details, credit card numbers etc.

Why Should You Use Sandboxing?

Much of the malware that infects your computer comes from internet browsing. Malicious websites are designed in a way that simply passing over the mouse over an advertizement or image can activate and download the malware. In addition, man-in-the-middle and denial-of-service attacks put your online identity at risk. Sandboxing helps to keep you and your computer protected throughout the browsing session. You just need to activate the sandbox before beginning to use the internet and exit afterwards to discard all the changes that may have been made to the computer.

Another benefit of browser sandboxing becomes evident when a computer has multiple users. Each of them may download programs, games, apps or adjust the browser’s settings according to their preferences. This may lead to accidental downloading of viruses, spyware, bots and other forms of malware. By placing the computer in a sandboxed mode, you can easily undo these changes to restore the computer to its original settings. You can also uninstall the apps along with the hidden viruses without leaving behind any residue files.

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