March 15, 2010

A blog is basically a website where an individual generally writes about a series of events or anything related that may interest him.  A blog can be defined as a web log which is maintained on a regular basis by an individual.  Earlier blogs were maintained by individuals to provide information but now blogs have become a source of branding, building businesses and improving conversions.

Blogs no longer have just individualistic approach. Blogs are used by businesses to promote other products, write reviews and do a lot of business marketing stuff. Bob Parsons, the owner of Godaddy – one of the biggest hosting service providers in USA uses his blog to promote his business.  It is important to understand how this is done as it needs an intelligent brain to manage it.   Similarly you will find many blogs maintained by entrepreneurs indirectly pointing it to their business.

Eyebrows can be raised on how this kind of strategy goes unnoticed by google and instead these blogs always finds a good place in Google’s rankings. The truth is that these blogs are actually very good and informative and would generally give an insight into company’s business and ethics. This is something google likes- TRANSPARENCY.

Nowadays blogs are used by celebrities as well to increase media presence and to promote the brands they endorse. Generally people who follow a certain topic would look for information by searching on Google and a blog is considered to be a source of information. Search Engines ranks good blogs on top pages which brings them hits. If the content is well directed and well written on a blog, it can act as a real good source to generate user’s interest into your business.

This is how traffic transfers from a personal blog to your business website. We at Centex Technologies provide complete Internet Marketing solutions to our clients. Please feel free to enquire more.

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