22nd May, 2017

Bloatware, also known as crapware, refers to the multiple pre-installed applications and software programs on a computer system that do not serve any important function. It usually consumes a lot of RAM and storage space on the hard disk, causing the system to work slowly. Certain types of bloatware are easy to detect, i.e. they may be present as a desktop icon or a start menu shortcut. However, some of them may remain unidentified and just clutter the computer system.

Types Of Bloatware

Trialware: These are the trial versions of software that are installed for a specific period of time, usually a week or a month. They mainly include anti-virus and anti-malware programs, which need to be purchased if one wants to use them after the trial period is over. In most cases, trialware can be easily identified and uninstalled.

Adware: This is one of the most annoying types of trialware that pops up unwanted ads on the computer screen. It can not only hamper your internet browsing experience, but also slow down your PC and make it vulnerable to various hacking attacks.

Utility Applications: Computer manufacturers may install certain utility applications that allow users to troubleshoot any hardware/software problems, update programs, install third party browser toolbars etc. The purpose served by these applications is similar to the in-built programs of the operating system. Add-on software to create videos, edit photos, play DVDs and other media or write CDs also come under the category of bloatware.

Tips To Remove Bloatware From Computer System

One of the best ways to completely uninstall bloatware from your computer is to wipe off the hard drive and re-install the operating system. This will delete all software installed on the system and you can install the ones that are required. If you simply use the system’s recovery utility, it will install all the applications again, including the bloatware.

Another option is to perform the uninstallation process manually from the control panel. Identify and delete the software that you do not use. However, it may leave certain associated files or programs on your computer. For applications that are operated by the Windows registry, it is recommended that you perform a complete uninstall from the software vendor’s website.

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