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Skype 5.0 For iPhone

June 30, 2014

The latest version of Skype (Skype 5.0) promises to live up to user expectations. With many changes being made to the user interface and a host of other features added, iPhone users can hope to have a great experience as they use the app on their smartphone.

Majority of the changes that have been incorporated in Skype 5.0 are based on feedback from customers and are related to application’s interface and navigation. In newer version of Skype, measures have been taken to enhance performance when it comes to users syncing their chats from other platforms.

While using an iPhone, there is a certain set of features in Skype that customers make use of more often. With version 5.0, care has been taken to have those features and displays at the forefront of the application. Everything else can be made use of through a ribbon navigation bar that sits at the top of the app. The additions and changes in Skype 5.0 in comparison to its previous versions is sure to benefit iOS users, and transform the way they use the app.

Skype’s product marketing manager, Eric Lin, was quoted as saying, “This app is really remastered for you and the way you use Skype. We take our users and our user feedback very seriously here, and pretty much every choice that we made when we created this application was really based on feedback. The new Skype for iPhone is rebuilt from the ground up, it’s a 100 percent rewrite, and the entire time we were writing this we had a laser focus on performance.”

Lin did admit that previous versions of Skype had a lot of performance issues when it came to iOS users. But that will change now with the new version that has come up. A user will no more have to wait for prolonged periods of time before the chats from desktop are synced on to the mobile Skype application every time it is launched. The notifications will sync at a faster rate; users can also see the read status of messages that were a part of desktop conversations.

Group chats however, could take a bit longer to sync. This is mainly because the switch from legacy systems to the new backend is still in progress. Lin explains that; “That is a backend procedure that users will see updated throughout the coming months. We moved some conversations to the new system before we moved other conversations. You alone probably have hundreds of existing conversations, and then you multiply that times our over 300 million monthly users and that’s a lot of conversations to move.”

Skype 5.0 for iPhone users promises to make text conversations, especially group chats, easier, faster, and convenient like never before.

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Moto 360 SmartWatch

June 27, 2014

The most anticipated product of the year by Motorola, the Moto 360 SmartWatch, was recently unveiled by the company at Google I/O developer conference in San Francisco. After the launch of Samsung’s Live Gear and LG’s G Watch, smartwatches have suddenly become the flavor of the season. While both the products are trendsetters in their own way, Moto 360 smartwatch just stands out because of its astounding features.

The traditional round display sets Moto 360 apart from other smartwatches. Success of the Moto 360 is not only attributed to the conventional look and feel but also to its amazingly light weight design which makes it a surprisingly comfortable device to wear on.
It was brilliant of Motorola to think out of the box and reinvent the traditional wrist watch of today to unveil the product of tomorrow. The round touchscreen has made an attractive use of space. From customized faces of the clock to messages, emails and other apps, this small but efficient device has a lot to offer.

The screen, though provides for a dim display when not in use, it is circumvented with the presence of an ambient light sensor that offers high performance even on a device this small. Just a little tap on the screen makes the watch come alive and you can access the device to check for important messages, emails and other important notifications. Another feather on Motorola’s cap is that the device responds to the gestures of moving your wrist and immediately displays important notifications for you without having to tap it.  This feature gives the device a premium feel.

The voice control feature of the device is flexible and acts on your verbal commands.  The device performs with such perfection that it becomes impossible to draw out any flaw in its design. Because it is android based, the smartwatch is said to be compatible with all Moto smartphones and android based phones with versions 4.3 or above.

To give it more elegant and classy look, Motorola decided to finish the watch with stainless steel. The steel glides against your skin smoothly   and the leather straps provide for a firm grip. After its initial release there would be plenty of designer straps available to give the watch more personalized look.

Moto 360 has an ambitious design and is high on style quotient. The company plans to launch various designs for the device. It will be launched later in summer first in U.S. and then globally. The pricing of the watch hasn’t been made public yet but is anticipated it will be priced on par with the features it offers. Even so, this product is expected to be a game changer in the market.


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SEO Services For Healthcare & Medical Professionals

June 21, 2014

SEO or search engine optimization is a technique that has found favor with all kinds of businesses to improve their online presence. Going with the same principle, SEO has helped many healthcare professionals, clinics and medical institutions across Texas to not only improve their online visibility through higher rankings on search engine listings, but also through conversion of leads into clients.

Benefit of SEO for Healthcare & Medical Professionals

  • SEO enhances the online visibility and thus increases the chances of reaching out to the right kind of patients who could then take an appointment for consultation.
  • Through the use of targeted keywords, medical professionals can remain in the eyes of their patients. Already, the industry is seeing stiff competition with so many specialized medical facilities present in the league today. In such a scenario, staying ahead of competition calls for implementation of SEO techniques.
  • SEO is not merely restricted to optimizing the home pages and getting higher rankings for a website. Medical professionals have come to realize that patients are on the lookout for practitioners that serve in their locality. For instance, a patient living in a particular geographic area of Dallas, TX would search for a doctor or clinic in his or her locality. Thus, focusing on location specific keywords will mean that people can easily find medical professionals who serve within that area. This will ultimately lead to conversion as they seek appointment for a consultation.
  • Maintaining a blog is also a good SEO practice that helps professionals to build up reputation for the kind of services they offer. Blogs should be regularly updated with relevant information so that the business shows up as active on Google listings.

Medical professionals can now approach us at Centex Technologies (855-375-9654) to get customized SEO services for their website. We work on aspects such as blogging, social media marketing, local SEO, and link generation to provide them an edge over their competitors.


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Facebook’s New Privacy Settings

June 11, 2014

After facing a barrage of criticism in the past for its ambiguous and faulty privacy settings, social networking giant Facebook has finally come up with some changes that could go down well with the users. Certain changes have been made to the existing privacy settings, while some new features have also been brought in; so that users can customize the set of people they want their posts to reach out to. The new settings will come into implementation for all new accounts that are created on Facebook. For the existing users, the new privacy settings will be rolled out over a period of time.

Following are the latest additions to Facebook privacy settings.

  • Up until now, any new user who joined Facebook had all of his or her posts set to public. This meant that any new photos or status updates posted by the user could be seen by anyone who had a Facebook account. In order to allow people to be more selective when it comes to whom they share their posts with, Facebook has now changed the default settings to ‘friends’. Any posts made by a new Facebook user would now only reach out to his or her friends, unless some changes are made to the settings. This is a huge relief for users who are wary of sharing their updates with anyone and everyone on Facebook.
  • For their first post, the new users will be greeted with a reminder on whether they want to set their audience to public or to friends. If no choice is made by the user, settings automatically go to ‘friends’.
  • That was the story for new users. Coming down to existing users who have been part of the Facebook network from the past, the company has decided to expand its existing ‘privacy check-up’ tool. This tool allows users to see their current privacy settings. If they are inclined to make any changes to it, they can always do that through the pop-up that appears on the screen.
  •  There is good news for Facebook mobile users as well. The social networking giant has made changes to privacy settings for its mobile application as well. Users can now share status updates with the groups that they intend to; this will become more transparent a process now as the user can see exactly who is going to see those updates. This will be visible on the top-left corner of the screen.

The new privacy settings are definitely going to make users feel more comfortable and secure as they go about posting updates and pictures from their lives on Facebook.


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