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What is Google Glass?

August 30, 2013

In the beginning of 2012, when rumors of Google’s ambitious project of wearable technology began doing rounds, few could believe that this was such a close reality. The intuitive spectacles, which have been developed with a vision of becoming the ubiquitous device of the coming decade, are all set to hit the market, and are available for developers to test for just $1500. So what exactly is Google Glass, and how can we expect it to change the world in the years to come? Put simply, Google Glass is an attempt to make data completely hands-free, enabling users to access the internet and other apps through voice commands.

This coming-of-age device wears less than an average frame of sunglasses, and can be worn discreetly, just like a regular pair of eyeglasses.  Each such frame has a camera, display, touchpad, microphone, and battery built into its chassis, enabling you to view the display within your field of vision, and perform all sorts of functions through voice commands- including taking pictures, sharing live streaming of events, recording videos, translating, searching the web, using navigation, etc.

Here’s a look at some of the tasks that Google Glass will be able to accomplish:

  • The embedded camera will be able to click pictures of things as you can see them from a first person’s perspective, eliminating the need for a viewfinder.
  • The microphone and touchpad on one side of the frame will enable you to select the function that you want to be performed from the screen that will appear in front of you. Google Glass will be able to interpret your commands through a brief gesture or voice command.
  • The device will also be capable to provide sound through bone-induction technology, which will be a lot less cumbersome than normal headphones.
  • Google’s voice-to-text functionality will enable you to pair your headset to your Android phone, and then view text messages on the display, and respond to them through the microphone. This feature will also make it possible to dictate emails.
  • You shall also be able to access a variety of other Google features, such as Google Maps, Google Hangout, Google Translate, etc. through the device.
  • In addition to these in-built features, there are expected to be a wide range of apps that users will be able to access through the headset, including one that makes it possible to identify your friends in a crowd.

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Android Phones Versus iPhone

August 23, 2013

Android or iPhone- the question of who wins the battle of the smartphones is a long-running one that no one quite seems to know the answer to. Here is an attempt to breakdown the numbers governing this staple debate, to see which of the two really is the winner of the mobile platform war.

The first question in this regard, is of course, which smartphone has more buyers. According to a research conducted by the Kantar Worldpanel Comtech, Android is the clear winner, outspacing iOS by a margin of a whopping 52.1% in the United States alone. Talking of the worldwide market share of the two smartphones, Android dominates with a share of more than 70% versus 21% for the iPhone.

However, when it comes to tablets, the statistics favor iOS, which enjoys a market share of 53.8% versus Android’s 42.7% share in tablet shipments. Interestingly though, when we talk of the money being made by Apple versus Samsung, the former is the one raking in the bucks, accounting for 72% of the industry’s profit.

Talking of superiority in terms of apps for both the platforms, even though this is usually a completely subjective analysis, a company called uTest carried out a comparison by collecting user reviews and ratings, according to which iOS apps are more superior, with an average score of 68.5, versus a score of 63.3 for an average Android app. While iOS ranks higher for app availability (Android had to struggle for months to get Instagram), Android offers higher flexibility for its apps, allowing them to run on multiple browsers.

Another advantage that Android offers over iOS is better sharability. The sharing function called “intents” enables users to share all forms of data in between their apps simply by long-pressing the text or image. This makes tasks like sharing photos or carrying out Google searches undeniably easier. iOS on the other hand, scores high in terms of portability, with the average iPhone being lighter and more compact than its Android counterpart. Another perk to the iOS is higher consistency, which though, is balanced out by the increased customization, which Android, being an open-sourced system offers.

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How Integrating Social Plugins To Your Portals Is Beneficial

August 17, 2013

The power of social media in the world of web marketing is undisputable, which is why it makes sense to tap this power for your business portal. Incorporating social plugins on your website/ blog is probably the simplest, quickest, and most efficient way to do this. Social media sites allow you to implement a wide range of social plugins into your portal, granting you access to the millions of users who remain logged on to these sites all day long while perusing the internet. The best part is that you do not have to be a coding maestro to integrate these social plugins on your website. All that it takes is some very basic knowledge of coding.

One of the most commonly added plugins are Facebook plugins, which can be attributed to the website being the leading choice of identity among users signing into sites, with a whopping 46% of users opting for their Facebook identity. The “Like” button on Facebook serves as a great plugin for user portals, as it is amongst the most well-recognized symbols of approval in the online world. You can choose to integrate this plugin on a specific URL, or on every page of your site. Along with serving as social proof of your content’s likeability, this plugin also helps you to connect with the entire social circle of every user who clicks on it.

Other effective Facebook plugins include Facepile, comments, recommendations, like box, activity feed, etc. Other social plugins like social toolbar help you to list all the social networks that you are on, such as Twitter, Google+, LinkedIn, etc. at the bottom of your portal, encouraging users to follow you on these social networks. You can also opt for additional features such as a complete display of your latest tweets, and easy sharing options. Digg is another plugin that can help you integrate all major social buttons on your site, and customize their display.

If you actively post videos on your website, YouTube plugins are a great option for you. Integrating a plugin like Smart You Tube can help you at YouTube content on your site. You can further explore the world of plugins through your photos on sites like Tumblr, using tools like Tumblr Widget to add your Tumblr photos in a sidebar on your webpage. Those active on Twitter also have a wide range of options when it comes to social plugins, such as Tweetmeme, WordTwit, etc.

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Importance Of Social Media

August 9, 2013

Venturing into the world of social media is an exciting step for most companies, as it promises of boosted revenues and a whole new channel of exposure. While the dramatic boost in customers brought about by social media might not always be as evident as expected, there is no denying that social media is the most powerful tool in the present-day scenario of internet marketing. The following points highlight the major benefits for companies opting for social media networking as an internet marketing strategy:

  • Social media networks give you a chance to build a desired brand image, deciding what you want people to think about your brand. This tool gives you a chance to be consistent and creative, and hence reach out to customers with a renewed approach on a daily basis.
  • When used correctly, social media can serve as one of the most efficient traffic generators. Sharing your website content including blogs, videos, etc. on social media channels leads users to your website. You can then inspire them through several click-to-actions, such as signing up for your mailing list, making a purchase, scheduling a consultation, etc.
  • Investing in social media promotions can be all that you need to gain a significant competitive edge in your industry. Chances are that your competitors are not taking their social media marketing initiatives that seriously, which could give you a chance to capture a wider range of audience.
  • A key advantage of social media from the marketing perspective is that of repeated exposure to the product or service being sold, which helps to shorten sale cycles. Marketing sense reveals that the average times a customer needs to be exposed to a product 5-6 times before they decide o buy it. Social media helps to create these exposures.
  •  Being active on social media networks automatically makes you influential, and lets people know that you have arrived. Once you establish yourself as an authority in your field people will turn to you for advice and to know of the latest trends in your field, which will develop a loyal fan following for your business.
  •  Last but not the least, are the “Big Wins” that come from social media networking. These might not happen every day, but when they do, they definitely make the efforts worthwhile. These could include an interview with a major media outlet, a significant business contract with someone who found you through LinkedIn, etc.


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