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Setting Up Computer Network in Office – Common Mistakes

June 28, 2013

Computers are a major part of any office or institution today. In fact, I do not think people can imagine office without computers anymore. It has become such an integral part of everyone’s lives. A computer network is necessary in most offices as it supplements sharing between computers and simplifies other tasks too. A lot of people prefer to set up the computer network in their office without the assistance of any trained professional. Doing so is absolutely fine but there are a few common mistakes people make, which everyone should be weary off:

Choosing the wrong hardware/software:
There dozens of choices in the market when it comes to choosing hardware/software and there is no shame in being confused. Most people don’t go into the technical aspects, and choose the wrong stuff for their office. Instead understand that most of the hardware comes with its own software and try to find one that suits your purpose.

Beware of Wi-Fi Cold Spots:
If you are relying on Wi-Fi connectivity for your office, it is common to find that the reception or connection is poor in some areas. This could be near corners or parts of the building away from the wi-fi router. To correct this, place the transmitter
(wi-fi router) in a central position and use additional equipment to amplify the signal.

Malfunction of network applications:
It is common that after a lengthy installation of a computer network, some of the applications will just stubbornly refuse to respond. These could be due to faulty settings made at some stage in the installation. Ensure that while installing the network, all the computers are able to connect and all devices like shared printers are in working condition. Sometimes one or two special devices will refuse to join the network. This could be due to some software issue. Check if the software on both devices is compatible and re-install.

Assuming that tech support is not necessary:
It is quite possible that you may refrain from asking for technical support from professionals till there is an evident problem. It is highly recommended that tech support be consulted while installing a new network to ensure that it is set up correctly. This could help you in the long run by making the network not require constant maintenance.

Compromising on network security:
The security of a network is crucial and should not be taken lightly. If not properly secured with encryptions and firewalls, there is a high chance of misuse and even theft of intellectual property.  Ensure that your network is protected and hack proof.

Avoid these common mistakes and you should be well on your way to setting up a computer network in your office.

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Benefits Of Mobile Apps For Online Ticketing Companies

June 24, 2013

Mobile apps are a boon to nearly every business, right from a weight loss website to an e-commerce portal. No matter what you have to offer to users, chances are that you can engage them a lot more deeply through a mobile app, since that is the best way to be right at their fingertips all day long. This is specially valid for online ticketing companies, which can benefit greatly through mobile apps. In order for users to choose and purchase tickets online, the most important factor is that the process should be easy and convenient.

What better way to make sure the users have a positive experience each time they purchase a ticket from you, than having a mobile app specifically for the purpose. With the smart phone revolution that has taken place over the past year, it is prudent for companies to find ways to get a coveted spot in the “applications” folder of their prospective customers. When a user knows that the tickets to his favorite movie, airline reservation, or even local concert are just a button away on this mobile phone, the chances of him looking elsewhere diminish.

Apart from giving users a great reason to shop for online tickets from you, mobile apps also make your job a lot easier. You can have a real-time tally of the number of tickets sold, available seats, etc., all on your handheld device. The convenience of mobile apps for online ticketing companies is undisputed, and with the way things are going, the chances of tickets going exclusively mobile are high. Creating a compelling mobile app could be all that you need to score a significant competitive edge over other ticketing companies, and become a household name for your targeted users.

A mobile app makes it possible for anyone with a smart phone that has internet settings enabled on it, to book tickets no matter where they are. This means that users can book tickets while at work, during traveling, or just about anywhere! Having a mobile app makes you accessible to them right when the thought of booking a ticket crosses their mind, and this makes the whole difference between them choosing you over your competitors. Ensure that the interface of the app is clear and concise, making users want to come back to you each time they need to book a ticket.

Centex Technologies provides Mobile Application Development services to its clients across the globe.

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How To Get Rid Of Spam In Your Email

June 17, 2013

Are you fed up of your inbox being loaded with unwanted junk emails? Do you miss the good old days when emails were exclusive, and receiving an email actually meant that there was something worth reading in your inbox? The following simple tips tell you how you can manage your emails, ensuring that spam stays out of the way.

  • The single most effective way to get rid of spam is to avoid giving your email address to unknown sources. This might be difficult, with most websites requiring users to provide a valid email address to move forward, and some even going to the extent of offering free merchandise or discounts in exchange for your email address. An easy way to cope with this is to have an alternate email id exclusively reserved for such purposes, and a separate one for friends and family.
  • You can also make use of your email application’s filter service to send emails from a specific source directly into your spam folder.
  • Avoiding an easy-to-guess email address is another effective way to stay safe from spammers. In most cases, these spammers do not go through the trouble of finding real email addresses from the net, but simply make guesses of obvious names, like say,
  • Using the options of “unsubscribing” or being “removed from this list” should be exercised with caution. While it may seem like the easy way out, it could work against you in some cases. This is because requesting to unsubscribe tells the spammer that there is a real person at the other end, and that this is a valid email address. This could make you their target when they sell their lists to other spammers.
  • If you are willing to put some extra effort into curbing these spammers, you could report them to their ISP. The first step to doing this is determining the origin of the spam. You can easily do this by displaying the entire information in the email’s header. Working from top to bottom on the “received” lines could help you identify the spam’s origin. Most ISPs will block spammers from their service upon receiving the complaint.

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Google Penguin 2.0 Update And What To Expect From It

June 7 2013

The next update from Google is here, and webmasters the world over are eager to know what this could mean for their websites. Rolled out on the afternoon of May 22, 2013, the latest update from Google has affected approximately 2.3% of Google search queries in English, and the impact is expected to keep spreading.  Even though this is technically the fourth Penguin update by Google, insiders are referring to it as Penguin 2.0, since the previous two were simply data refreshes, while this is an all-new algorithm.

Here’s a look at what changes webmasters can expect to see in Google search results over the coming summer, and who needs to be worried about Google’s latest update-

  • Apparently, website owners whose focus is on providing high-quality and engaging content to users have no reason to worry this time around. Google’s aim is to bring compelling sites that users love higher in its organic search results.
  • The Penguin 2.0 update is being stated as the next generation of Penguin updates, and is claimed to be a lot more comprehensive and deeply impacting towards detecting and eliminating black hat web spam from Google search results. So if you have been spending a lot of time generating back links on black hat sources, this might not be a great summer for you.
  • Google is laying major focus on paid advertorials and linked websites through Penguin 2.0. Those indulging in these practices shall be required to offer clear and concise disclaimers of the ads being paid to users, and shall not be allowed to float page rank on Google.
  • Penguin 2.0 is making an effort to address specific user complaints that have been flowing in over the past year. For instance, users have been complaining about spamming in search results for “payday loans” on Issues like these shall be addressed through the sophisticated algorithms of this update.
  • Through its latest update, Google intends to completely deny value to link spammers through a “completely different system of link analysis”.
  • Focus shall also be laid on hack site detection, along with efforts to improve communication with webmasters. Google is making an effort to provide more concrete details with exemplary information to webmasters on how to deal with hacking threats.
  • Websites that were pushed to the “border zone” through previous updates have a ray of hope as Penguin 2.0 shall focus on refining search results for these websites.
  • Websites that are perceived as authorities in a particular space e.g. medical, travel etc. can also expect to be pushed higher on Google search results.

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