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Month: March 2013

Need Of Online Reputation Management

March 30, 2013

In the modern age where information about everything, right from an individual to a company is available in just a single click, online reputation management has a huge role to play. As the owner of a company, it is immensely important to regulate and control the information that appears in search engine results for your company when existing or prospective clients. Right from customer reviews on high-ranking sites like Yelp to “companynamesucks” domains, there is a lot that needs to be considered while devising an online reputation management strategy for your company.
The following tips guide you on the dos and don’ts of online reputation management-

  • Social media communication- Just creating profiles on all the leading social media networks is not enough. What is really important is paying attention to what people are saying about you on these sites, and showing your concern by responding and engaging in active communication.
  • Company policy- While having a team of employees dedicated to your company’s online reputation management is a great idea, it can backfire in the absence of a well-defined company policy. If every employee deals with social media complaints and feedbacks individually, the inconsistency of these responses can work against the company’s reputation.
  • SEO for your company’s name- The best way to make sure that people see what you want them to see when they search for your company’s name online, is to dominate your company’s name in search results. This can be done by simple strategies such as using your company’s name in HTML tags, title tags, your about us page, your website’s URL, etc. It is also a good idea to refer to your company in the third person whenever possible- for example, instead of “we are dedicated to providing” use “XYZ is dedicated to providing”.
  • Diversify your online presence- When it comes to online reputation management, a key aspect is building your online presence. Right from blogging to being active on all major social media sites and getting listed in local directories, there is no end to the number of things that can be done to have a diverse online presence.
  • Monitor your search results– The most important part of online reputation management is keeping an eye open for all that’s being said about your company, and having a strategy in place for dealing with negative comments. The best way to do this is usually to contact the creator of this content personally, and either find a way to change their opinion, or leave a comment describing how you plan to deal with the feedback.

We at Centex Technologies provide online reputation management in Austin TX, Dallas and Killeen areas.

Benefits Of Using Austin TX SEO Consultant

March 24, 2013

With SEO being an integral part of the online marketing of any business, it is imperative for businesses to have a well-defined strategy to meet the SEO goals of the business. Many small and medium business owners in Austin TX question the need to hire an SEO consultant for this purpose. While this might seem as an unnecessary expense at first sight, the reality is that the benefits of hiring an SEO consultant by far outweigh its costs. Enlisted below are the major ones of these benefits-

  • Expertise- The most evident benefit of hiring an SEO consultant for your Texas-based business is that you get to benefit from their expertise in the field. With all the technicalities and techniques involved in SEO, it makes a huge difference to have an expert working for you.
  • White hat techniques- Relying on hearsay methods of SEO can have a dire consequence on your business, since most of these methods are black-hat ones. By adopting such methods, you run the risk of being de-indexed, and in some cases even completely banned by websites. Hiring an expert ensures that only white-hat techniques are applied to your website.
  • All-rounded strategy- Hiring an SEO consultant for your business puts you at the advantage of having an all-rounded strategy designed for you. This means that the SEO techniques are applied in all aspects of the website, including the content and design, hence strengthening the very framework of your website, from an SEO perspective.
  • Industry trends- Using an SEO consultant for your Austin TX business offers the benefit of having the latest SEO trends for your industry applied to your website. This is made possible by the persistent efforts of these experts to keep up with industry trends and to keep an eye on the strategies being adopted by your competitors.
  • Time to focus on business- From an entrepreneur’s point of view, SEO consultation offers a major benefit of leaving you with sufficient time to focus on the core functionalities of your business. This is because SEO can be a particularly time-consuming effort, and hiring an SEO consultant helps to save this time.
  • Higher Return on Investment- As a businessman, the biggest advantage that hiring an SEO expert offers, is that you have a better bottom line for your business. This is because the loss involved in going through a learning curve is eliminated, as tried-and-tested SEO methods with proven efficiency are applied in your business.

How To Create Local Citations For Austin TX Business

March 14, 2013

Local SEO is the next big thing, and small businesses in Austin,TX that aren’t focusing on building local citations are running a risk of being left far behind in the race. With a whopping 20 percent of Google’s searches being local ones, and the numbers surging with the increased use of mobile devices, local SEO is no longer just an option. We are all familiar with search results showing only the top ten organic listings, which emphasizes the need for creating local citations.

The following guidelines highlight the most effective way to work on these citations and make them work for your business in Austin, TX-

  • Local Austin TX Based Directories- There are hundreds of directories available on which you can add your Austin-based business. These directories serve as aggregators for Google, and when these listings converge, you have a well-rounded local SEO strategy. You can find the best local directories for your industry by searching for Austin, TX + your industry on Google. Apart from getting listed in these directories, it is also advisable to be listed in leading directories like Yelp, Insider Pages, Angie’s List, Yellow Pages, etc.
  • Take a cue from your competitors- Paying attention to what your competitors are doing is a useful strategy in all types of SEO. This is particularly true for local SEO, where just searching for your competitor’s name with their phone number and address in quotation marks, can bring up pages worth of useful links on which you can create citations for your business.
  • Social media- Needless to say, Facebook, Twitter, and other social media networks are the one place that you cannot afford to be absent from. Make sure that you provide your accurate business information on your pages on these sites, and also look into options for localized advertizing on social media.
  • Local blogs- Local, Austin-based blogs are another great way to create local citations. It is a good idea to focus on blogs specific to your industry. Once you have these blogs covered, you can also move to national blogs to further your reach.
  • Offline citations- The interesting thing about local SEO, is that it doesn’t have to be limited to online efforts. There is a lot that can be done in the real world too, right from attending meet-ups and organizing events to getting noticed by the local media.

For SEO Services in Austin TX, visit us at Centex Technologies – (855) 375-9654

Online Marketing Strategy For Austin TX Businesses

March 7, 2013

Promoting one’s business is an intricate skill that involves a large amount of expertise. Business promotion techniques are critical to the success of any business, as they are what actually let the relevant people know what the business has to offer. When it comes to promoting a website for a local business, there are certain dos and don’ts that need to be borne in mind. The following guidelines tell you what pitfalls to avoid and what strategies to follow when promoting your local Austin TX based business-

  • Start off by listing your business. The first step to promoting a local business is ensuring that it figures in search results when someone is looking for that particular service in that Austin TX. This can be made possible by listing the business’ address on sites like Google Places, Yahoo directory, and other local Austin business listing directories. Remember to clearly indicate your phone number and email address so that if someone wishes to contact you they can do so without any hassle.
  • Another key tool when it comes to the online promotion of a local business in Austin is the use of banner ads, coupons, and text ads on popular websites. By placing ads for your business on websites that have built credibility among Austin residents, you stand a good chance of getting noticed by visitors to those sites. Always remember never to indulge in over-promotion when it comes to creating these ads.
  • Encourage customer reviews. With most customers turning to online reviews as a way to get first hand information about what to expect from a certain company, it is important for you to provide some sort of incentive to customers for adding reviews to your website. This could be in the form of rewards like coupon codes or special discount points for each review, irrespective of whether it is positive or negative. These reviews and ratings will help build your website’s credibility, while also encouraging customers to use your services.
  • Finally, make the most of content on your website. Whether in the form a regularly-updated blog, emails, newsletters, or product descriptions, you can never go wrong with original and informative content. Work with an Austin based SEO expert to make sure that this content is search-engine friendly, and incorporates the right keywords to ensure that your website’s search engine rankings are boosted.

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