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How To Generate Leads With Video Marketing

February 28, 2013

Video marketing is one of the most underrated social media marketing strategies, taking from how most companies tend to overlook the need to make the most of this technique. As a user of social media websites, anyone would agree that the effect achieved by a well-made video can hardly be matched up with blocks of text, or even images. Videos perfectly bring together the power of words and pictures, to put across a message with minimal effort from the viewer. The following simple steps tell you how you can boost leads to your website through video marketing-

Creating a video

You can use the same video on all the social media networks that you are active on, including Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, Google+, etc. Some pointers to keep in mind while creating the video are-

  • Keep the video short- 2 to 3 minutes is ideal.
  • Start with a genuine greeting that’s relevant to your brand’s spirit and true to your personality. Throw in some humor or a thought-provoking statement to keep your viewer engaged.
  • Keep them gripped by jumping straight to what they want to know, which is what is on offer for them. This could be a content giveaway, a special discount, a one-time coupon code, etc.
  • Narrating anecdotes, whether personal, or third-person, always works greatly in videos.
  • Finally, remember to finish off with a clear call-to-action.

Building an all-rounded strategy

Just a 2-minute video is not going to be enough, and you have to structure an effective campaign around it. To start off, it is a great idea to put together all of your premium content, including images, blog posts, etc. together in a single theme. Also make sure that you have a professional landing page that summarizes what’s being offered through the campaign.

It helps to divide your content into two types- Indirect content, which offer users genuine information to build your credibility and encourage them to share their details, and direct content- which focuses on putting out your offer.

Ensuring maximum “shareability” of your video

Start off by optimizing it on Youtube, with a clear call-to-action. Make sure you have a great title for your video, as this makes a world of a difference. You also need to post links to your video on all your social media channels.


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Email Marketing- Tips And Tricks To Achieve Best Conversions

February 21, 2013

Email marketing, when done correctly, can be that one magical tool that can help boost your conversion rates, build brand value, and most importantly, add to your customer base. The end result of all this is a higher return-on-investment, which is every business owner’s ultimate goal. If you are new to email marketing, it might sound as easy as typing out an email and sending it to bulk email ids. However, when you actually get to it, you realize that it is a lot tougher than that.

While sending an email is as simple as hitting an email, the real challenge lies in making users actually read it, and act upon it. The following tips and tricks show you how to make that happen-

  • Ensure that your emails are spam-filter free- The first step to an effective email marketing campaign is ensuring that your emails land in the inbox of your recipients and not in their spam mail. Certain promotional keywords can make even the most fantastic email prone to spam filters, and must be avoided in email campaigns. The goal is to keep your email as authentic as possible.
  • Include a clear call-to-action- Remember that no matter how effective your email might be, chances are that only a small percentage of recipients will bother to read all the way to the end and see what you are trying to say. You need to ensure that whoever opens your email is immediately prompted to a clear action, in the form of a link or any other call-to-action.
  • Resend effective emails- Even though this should be a no-no in an ideal world, but the truth is that when it comes to email marketing, a little bit of nudging is necessary. So if you didn’t achieve the desired results with your first email, resend it with a little tweaking a few more times for better results. Sending it thrice usually does the trick.
  • Design your landing page in tandem with your email campaign- When you have crossed the first two obstacles of getting recipients to open your email and act upon it, the last thing you want is your plan to backfire at the final stage. To avoid this, you need to work on your landing page, and ensure that it is well-coordinated with your email. You do not want users getting confused when they land on it, and bouncing off just as quick.


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Check Out The New Myspace

February  14, 2013

So Myspace is all set to make a momentous comeback, and is already sending ripples in the world of social marketing. The new Myspace layout has a lot to offer to business owners, and even though the site is still in its beta version, there is a lot that you can do to start planning your profile and doing the groundwork for a great start. Myspace is branding itself as a “social entertainment network”, as it shall include a lot more than just social networking, including movies, TV shows, music, and a lot more!

To set up an account on Myspace, you shall first have to choose a category that you belong to, out of categories like brand, fan, comedian, etc. This selection shall be important in deciding your account type, but you shall be able to change it later on. The site is being closely integrated with other popular social networks like Facebook and Twitter, and shall make it possible to not only connect with friends you have on these networks, but also share your Myspace status updates on other social media sites.

A striking difference between the new Myspace and the older version is that this one has a much simpler interface. You shall notice this right from the get-go, with the process of updating your profile information being a lot easier and quicker. The home page brings together the best of everything, right from a cover photo to a section dedicated to your website’s link, which is great for businesses. The “manage” option in different profile types allows you to customize them as per your selected choice, and also easily upload files. The new Myspace is laying major focus on music and audio clips, and this just might be what makes it stand out in the social media sea.

Once you are done with setting up your profile, you shall be able to post updates of up to 150 characters and a photo. You shall also be able to customize your stream and add filters to it, to decide what kind of information you want to see in your stream. Since the website is still in the Beta version, you can only join it via someone who already has a profile on it. You can then connect your existing social media accounts to your Myspace page to add more connections.

We at Centex Technologies provide Social Media Marketing, SEO and PPC services to clients in Austin, Dallas and Killeen areas in Central Texas.

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Tips On Engaging Teens On Social Network

February 7, 2013

With teenagers and people in their early twenties forming a major part of the target audience of most websites, it is important to tweak your marketing strategies to cater to this category of users. When it comes to targeting teens, social networks are the go-to junction, since almost every teenager (a whopping 93% of teenage internet users) has an active profile on these websites. However, you must realize that conventional marketing techniques are very less likely to appeal to teens, and to grab their attention, you must add a fun element to whatever you do. The following tips tell you just how to do that-

  • Remember that teens have short attention spans and if they aren’t captivated in the first ten seconds, they are likely to just hit on the next button. So make sure to have humorous introductions, and keep content brief and smart. Boring and unoriginal content is a big no-no when it comes to youngsters.
  • When targeting teens, it is important to highlight the “share” button since teens love to be able to share something they find interesting with their peers.
  • A new tool that has massive scope for captivating teens on Facebook is the cover photo. This huge space at the top of your Facebook page is the first thing people see when they visit your page. Constantly updating it with humorous photos, or maybe even hand-drawn images is a great way to strike a lasting impression on teenagers.
  • With nearly 1 million teenagers visiting Instagram every month, this is one site that you cannot choose to ignore. The reason behind this site’s popularity is its simple interface and the fact that it banks upon pictures. How you use it to market your business is completely up to you, but just remember to keep it original and creative!
  • Another amazing way to connect with teens on social media is to encourage them to upload their own content. Right from videos of how they use your product to blogs on their shopping experience, teens shall love to be able to contribute to a website and see their contributions posted for others to view.
  • Finally, when targeting teens, you need to remember that most of them are accessing the internet through mobile phones. So you need to ensure that all your marketing strategies target multiple screens.

We at Centex Technologies is a Dallas based Internet Marketing and SEO company that provides PPC, Local SEO, Website Designing and Development services to its clients. We serve Austin, Killeen, Dallas and other areas in Central Texas.

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