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Increasing Pinterest Traffic On Your Website

September 28, 2012

Pinterest provides a dynamic platform to engage your users and drive traffic to your website. The social media platform thrives on the power of images to grab interest and pique interest. If you own a blog, Pinterest can help you to generate interest for your blog posts, among your target audience. The quality back-links generated from the website can also work to boost your search engine rankings, bringing your website higher on Google and other search engines. Considering the massive growth that this platform has undergone since its inception in May 2011, it makes perfect sense for business owners to turn to it for positive publicity.

The following tips guide you on how you can use Pinterest to draw traffic to your website-

  • Create content-rich boards- The richer and more informative your content, the greater are the chances of it getting re-pinned, and people clicking on it to visit your website. You need to work out a captivating content strategy, involving posting your original content, as well as sharing relevant content by other people. The idea is to leave your followers waiting for the next update from you, and avoiding falling into a stereotype.
  • Choose long images over short ones- With the idea of social networking being relatively new, the learning process is changing every minute. A recent study conducted on Pinterest popularity shows that images that are “taller” have a greater chance of getting re-pinned than shorter ones. This does not mean that you should unnecessarily elongate images to make them longer, but instead, what you can do is combine a series of short images to create a longer one, serving the process of an info-graphic.
  • Remember, it’s all about images- What makes Pinterest stand in a league of its own is the fact that it chooses images over text. As a web marketer, you need to keep that perspective intact when using this platform. If you wish to pin your posts from your blogs, remember to keep blocks of texts minimal, and instead replace them with catchy images that convey your idea in a single glance.

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Austin Internet Marketing Tips : Podcasting

September 21, 2012

Put simply, a podcast is your personal radio show that you can update every day. With millions of iTunes listeners and web users downloading, creating, and listening to podcasts every day, podcasting is emerging as one of the best marketing tools for small businesses. It scores better than conventional marketing tools like e-mails and newsletters. Podcasting lets you put your message in a way that is actually heard and not directed to a spam folder.

Considering that an average podcast is 15-20 minutes long, it is important to make sure that you are talking about something that is informative. It should keep your listener engaged and desirous to know more from you. Once you find a topic and style that you are good with and one that appeals to your target audience, you have won half the battle of using podcasting as a marketing tool for your business.

The reason why podcasts are so popular among internet users is that they allow one to multitask, not requiring 100% attention. Moreover, a podcast can be heard from anywhere, right from a waiting room to a car, while driving. Some podcasters choose a format where they interview various experts in the field of their business, hence ending up with content that scores high on rhetoric. By gaining a user base on your podcast, you earn the reputation of being a reliable figure in your business, who is an expert in his field. This plays a great role in raising customer loyalty for your company.

Once you have laid the basis for your podcast by deciding the subject, target audience, format, etc., the next step is to promote it correctly. You can do this by making your RSS podcast feed iTunes compatible, and registering for multiple blog feeds and specialized podcast ping directories. By doing so, all the major directories will receive a ping each time you upload a podcast.

Another way of making use of podcasting as a marketing tool for your business is through “podvertizing”, which basically means advertizing on a podcast. To do this, you do not even need to own your own podcast, but simply have to look for someone within your industry who uses the podcast as an advertizing medium. Average advertizements last for 10-20 seconds. Since the major population of podcast listeners falls in the age group of 20-35, it is not advisable to use this medium if you are targeting older users.

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How Panda And Penguin Has Changed Google SEO

September 14, 2012

Panda and Penguin, as cute as they might sound, have been a complete nightmare for SEO experts, as they have completely changed the rules that governed SEO. The emphasis has shifted from technique-oriented SEO to user-oriented optimization, which is good news for all the online users who rely on Google to choose reliable websites. The aim of these updates is to restore Google’s reputation as a user-centric search engine, and curb black-hat SEO practices. No wonder websites with poor quality content lacking in relevant information, or those with keywords stuffed into their content were worst hit by these updates.

Content has emerged as the king in this scenario, as Google works by the logic that if you do not have high-quality, original content in your website, there is no reason why you should be getting back links, and in return, high search-engine rankings. By ensuring that nothing but great content makes it to your website, not only are you making the Pandas and Penguins happy, but you are also ensuring that your website is future-proofed. You cannot go wrong if your focus remains on user-satisfaction and website development through genuine content.

When we say “content”, we don’t simply refer to blocks of text, but instead, a wide variety of web-based content, including pictures, videos, info-graphics, social media feeds, blogs, and just about anything else that has some information to give. To put it simply, the more content you have relevant to a particular keyword, the higher you’ll rank on Google- fair enough! However, simply writing quality content without applying basic SEO principles to it is not going to get you anywhere, so you need to strike that fine balance.

In short, your content should be placed and chosen to be SEO friendly, while still being informative and relevant to your users. This can be achieved by using the right keywords, placing them at the right places, with the right density, and most importantly keeping your users interested, and coaxing them to come back for more. It helps to employ a professional writer who is cognizant on how to apply the principles of SEO while generating quality content, since getting about it on your own can be a difficult task. In the end, it’s all about making the right choices of themes for your content, with an aim of attracting users, keeping them engaged, and finally, converting leads into sales.

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Google Plus Hangout: How Can You Use It To Promote Business

September 6, 2012

Social media sites have been receiving the flak for inhibiting real-time communication, which is essential for building long-lasting business relationships. Google Plus is here to change that with its breakthrough feature, known as the “hangout”. Put simply, Google Plus hangout is Skype multiplied by ten, which means that you can hold a video conference with multiple people at a single go. While that may seem redundant at first sight, innovative business owners are finding new ways to promote their business using this cool feature. Here’s how you can make it work for your firm-

  • To hold conversations with clients/ business partners- Effective communication is the key to a successful business, and a Hangout lets you hold real-time meetings in the best possible way. Just invite whoever you wish to have a talk with to a hangout, and share your minds online in the best possible form of group conferencing. This can be used to discuss the progress made on a project with a client, and giving them an accurate idea of the people behind the results being achieved.
  • Customer support- An online chat service is no longer enough to give your business a competitive edge when it comes to providing effective customer service. You can show your customers that you care enough to go that extra mile by inviting them to a hangout and addressing their issues with a live video chat.
  • Live giveaways- A great way to get potential customers involved is to offer them to show up at a hangout for a live giveaway. That way, these customers can get to interact with each other, as well as with your representative, leaving a much longer lasting impression than say, getting into a contest by “liking” your page.
  • Post-hangout follow up– After creating relationships using a Hangout, Google Plus also helps you to maintain them with a follow up, thanks to the stream that shows all the people who participated in the hangout. Using this stream, you can get back to the people who took part in the session, and can ask them for a feedback, or invite them for a future hangout, hence building these relationships.

The Google Plus hangout taps on face-to-face communication, making it one of the strongest promotional tools for small and medium businesses yet.

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