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Month: August 2011

Overview Of Computer Network And Devices

August 26, 2011

There are certain components that are required to keep a computer network running smoothly. Each of these elements has a different purpose and are required for the efficient functioning of the network. They form a part of the hardware and need to be properly maintained so that they do not report any glitches over time. Some of the important parts of computer network system have been mentioned below:

  • Server: A server is like the nervous system of a network and is the most important component of a network. It is used to connect and distribute data over other systems that may also be present on the same network. A server is also used to store data and it can serve a variety of other purposes like sharing of printers, sharing of memory, etc. A network server can be a particular personal computer, a laptop or a standalone server that can take care of network related tasks and help to organize traffic.
  • Modem: Modem stands for Modulation and Demodulation which means the process of conversion of signal in one form to another. A modem is a device that modulates a signal to encode information, and also demodulates such signal to decode the transmitted information. There are many different types of modems available in the market and vary as per their capacity and speed. Depending on the type of your network you can choose among various models of modems.
  • Router: Another essential device that needs to be present in order to operate different computer systems on a network is “router”. It can be used to route data among different networks or systems. It serves the important purpose of helping the data travel further and helps ensure that it reaches its destination. In most of the cases, different computer systems are connected with routers through network cables. To have a completely wireless network, you can use WiFi Routers, that can be appropriately placed in the work area to connect several devices.
  • Firewalls: Firewalls are used to allow or disallow certain type of data over the network. They can be a software firewall (installed on system) or a hardware firewall (as a separate physical device). They are important from security point of view as they restrict unwanted intrusions in the system.

We at Centex Technologies provide complete computer network designing, installation and maintenance services to our clients. For more information on improving your network’s performance and maintaining your present system, feel free to contact us at our Killeen or Dallas office. You can also call us on our Toll Free No. – 800.236.1497

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Virus Attacks Through Wireless Internet

August 17, 2011

The use of wireless internet technologies for surfing various web pages has been increasing for a long time due to the ease and convenience that it offers to users. People are no longer sticking to fixed broadband lines connected to a fixed operating system and are instead accessing the internet through portable devices like laptops, tablets, phones, etc. Many places these days we have wi-fi connections that can be accessed by procuring the requisite username and password from the owners either by paying a certain fee or even free of cost in some cases.

This kind of free access to the internet at public places is making web surfers more prone to virus attacks that may be made through the openness offered by wireless internet systems. Anyone in the vicinity who is able to receive the wi-fi signal can simply log on to the network especially if it is being offered free of cost. In such a network, there can be all kinds of security lapses that may put your system at the receiving end of virus attacks. There are some tips mentioned below to help you avoid such attacks or at least help reduce their incidence:

  • Before logging onto any kind of free internet at a public place, you should ensure that the network is protected by the required firewall and antivirus software so as to build a multi protected layer for your operating system. There should be a strong IT department taking care of such requirements. You should beware of connecting your laptop the internet in the vicinity without checking for security problems that the internet may have.
  • It is advisable not to access websites and fill in your username and password at sites that contain private information about you that if stolen, may pose a significant threat to you. You should refrain from opening bank related websites or shopping websites where you need to fill in credit card related information.
  • It is essential to have good antivirus software installed on your operating system to help ward off virus attacks. Although not completely fool proof, such software can help reduce the number of attacks that your system may be subjected to.

For complete system and network protection tips, feel free to contact us at Centex Technologies. We serve Central Texas including Killeen, Austin and Dallas.

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Hiring A SEO Consultant For Improved Returns

August 10, 2011

When you create a web based business, the sole aim is to get targeted traffic on to your website and convert it into sales. This can be quite a challenge. Even if you are not relying on internet sales revenue to run your business, you will be surprised with the potential it stores to spearhead you profit’s graph. Serious marketing professionals cannot ignore the power of web.

As and when you decide on promoting your business on the web, first of all you need to know which tools would work the best for you. You may also need technical skills and understanding of various tools to get the best possible outcome. In most of the cases it will be a lot of effort to learn and implement the techniques of internet marketing. The best way to take reap benefits from internet is to hire a SEO/ Internet Marketing consultant.

A SEO consultant would be someone who has seen the web technology grow and have wide range of successful internet marketing projects under his belt. SEO consultant would be expert in planning strategies for your web based business. He will be instrumental in guiding your business to attain top ranks on various search engines for various relevant keywords/ terms. He will also help you with your other online marketing campaigns and would be advising you on the best website layout to convert your traffic into sales.

Why you need to hire a SEO consultant?

  • SEO consultant would be expert in his field. He would know the ins and outs of the trade.
  • SEO consultant would understand your customer behavior and demographics to strategize your business.
  • SEO consultant would know how search engines behave and how their technology works with the websites.
  • He would also be an expert in various tools and software to be used in the process.

To sum up, it is a very good idea to endeavor into internet marketing if you want to improve your returns. However, it is advisable that you take help of a professional SEO consultant that can correctly guide you to grow your business.

For more information on how we can help you attain top ranks on various search engines, visit us at Centex Technologies. We have offices in Dallas and Killeen Texas.

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Successful Internet Marketing Strategies

August 3, 2011

Winning the game of internet marketing is all about having a good understanding of your targeted customers. You need to know the basic demographics of your customers like – what is their age group, location, paying capacity etc. You might also need to have an insight of where to find your targeted customers. Once you know about these details, you can effectively use various internet marketing tools to generate traffic and ultimately higher sales.

In case you are a fresher to the concepts of internet marketing but do realize the importance it holds, you might want to use services of a specialized company to milk out the benefits associated with internet marketing. A specialized internet marketing company will work to understand your targeted customers and will find out ways to reach them effectively.

Like any other marketing technique, communication is of prime importance in internet marketing. Your business’s banners, advertizements, copy, portfolios, newsletters, press releases should be well formed and should convey the true benefits of your business to the potential customers.

There are various tools that can be used to plan an effective strategy for internet marketing. One of the best tools that can be used is the search results of Google.com. If your site is optimized for proper keywords targeting your audience, you can generate tremendous business by staying on top ranks. Various social networking tools like Facebook and micro blogging portals like Twitter also plays a substantial role in promoting your brand among the masses. Blogging is another tool that can reap you excellent rewards. A blog is favored by internet community and can be a good source for providing information to interested users. You can address various topics through blogs which can be beneficial for generating interest in your services. Paid advertizements, though costly but can prove to be a good source of generating traffic.

To make your campaign successful you will have to try various methods and adopt the best ones. With ever changing consumer trends and behavior of internet community, you have to keep on upgrading yourself to make sure you stay not only on top of your competition but always with your customers.

To plan your internet marketing campaign effectively, feel free to contact us at Centex Technologies Toll free – 800. 236. 1497.

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