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Tips To Keep Your Website Secure

July 25, 2011

With the development in the web technology, the number of web sites that are being hacked is also on the rise. Keeping the website secure is an intricate issue that the web site designers and owners often fail to notice. Here are some important tips that you should always keep in mind to keep your web site safe and secure.

Keep your software updated: To prevent other people from taking advantage of your software ambiguity, make sure you update it from time to time and also download the patch program. If you are using the old version of any software, your web site is likely to be in a state of high insecurity. Thus, instead of manual updating, turn on the automatic updates of the software if it is available.

Use strong passwords to host account, FTP and control panel: Short and simple passwords are likely to be very easily accessed by the hackers. It is advisable to make your password as difficult as possible. The password should never contain your name, date of birth or any relevant information. Try to keep changing your password after every two or three months.

Update your antivirus: Make sure that you have updated antivirus software. Scan your computer frequently for any sort of viruses. It is possible that the hackers gain access to your passwords through any sort of viruses in your computer.

Backup your web site: Always have a complete backup of your web site. Even if it is hacked, you would not lose your files or the web site. Do not expect your web host to guard you if there is any blow. Do not store the backup files in the web servers. Instead, store them in the PC or USB.

Monitor your traffic regularly: Check your log files on a regular basis and monitor the visitors to your site. If there is anyone unusual, you need to be very careful. This could be a hacker.

Choose a trustworthy web host: Always go for a reliable web hosting service providers who offer customer support round the clock.

These are the important steps that you, as a web site owner, must take in order to keep your web site safe and secure. It is better to be cautious than be remorseful afterwards.

To know more how you can keep your website secure, feel free to contact us at Centex Technologies. We provide IT Support, Web Application Development, SEO and Internet Marketing services.

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Google Checkout – An Insight

July 18, 2011

Google checkout is a service provided by Google that makes it simple for you to make payments for your online purchases. Users can save their debit or credit card as well the shipping information in their Google account so that they can easily make purchases at the online stores that are participating in it. Google checkout also puts forward protection from any type of fraud and also has an integrated page to track the purchases and its status.


Google checkout is an alternative method that can be used for buying online. Although it is primarily designed to process the transactions that involve digital and tangible goods, yet it can be used for other transactions such as subscriptions, services and donations. However, at present, one cannot make use of Google checkout to transfer money person to person.

For the buyers, Google checkout has turned out to be a secure, convenient and a fast way for online shopping. Google checkout has made it much easy to shop online by presenting a single log-in to make any sort of purchases all the way through the web.

Benefits of Google checkout to businesses

  • Attract leads: Google checkout is itself a brand and a symbol of trust. Google Checkout logo acts as a seal of trust for online shoppers. If you are using Google Checkout for processing payments you are bound to get an increase in sales.
  • Convert sales: When the clients skim over your web site, the efficient checkout process of Google checkout helps to reduce the cart desertion and convince the clients to purchase. If the buyers have already made use of Google checkout, all they have to do is to login their Google checkout account to make purchases from you. There is no need to re enter their shipping and payment details at every purchase they make.
  • Processing: When customers purchase anything from you, you get a notification from Google about the order.  This allows you to then process the order.
  • Fighting fraud: The advanced tools of Google checkout help you to fight fraud by stopping any invalid orders from approaching you. You can also enjoy chargeback protection.

Thus, Google checkout provides you an easy, secure and convenient way of shopping online and saves you from any sort of hassles and frauds.

We at Centex Technologies provide complete eCommerce solutions including payment gateway integration with shopping cart. For more information on our eCommerce solutions, call us at 800. 236. 1497

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How Local Businesses Can Benefit From Search Ranks On Google.Com

July 11, 2011

Google – the world’s most preferred search engine consists of a system that allows certain search results to show up first in the list and others to form a part of the next page. This is decided by the ranking that is automatically accorded by Google to individual websites. There are a lot of factors that can help in determining the ranking of webpages. These may include relevance to search conducted, the presence of certain keywords on the webpage, the appropriateness of the URL address, quality of content on the site, its popularity, etc. A combination of all these factors can catapult your website to one of the top ranks in a Google search.

If you have a Texas based business, getting your business website to show up in the top ranks can be highly beneficial for you as more and more people are bound to be exposed to the products or services that you offer. This will result in a kind of “almost-free” advertizing through which you are able to promote your business simply by ensuring that it forms a part of the top ranks in a Google search.

Most people based in Texas and many other states of America tend to rely on a Google search in order to find required products or services in their neighborhood. Google Places (a part of Google Search) not only provides a detailed address of your business as listed by you but also showcases the exact position of your business in Texas by plotting it on an application known as Googe maps. This encourages potential customers to visit your local business and thus boosts your sales in a considerable manner. Apart from providing a clear location on the local map, Google Maps also pinpoints the shortest routes to your place of business or shop so that interested visitors do not find it difficult to access you.

Google can thus help local Texas based businesses in a profound way by providing useful information about the products offered by your business. If a single organic search throws up results of other businesses in the same industry that are not based in Texas, a Texas resident is sure to prefer one that is in a nearby area so that they are able to visit and conduct business with greater ease.

It is best for local businesses to optimize their websites for various search terms used by people in and around Texas. By conquering high ranks on search engines, you are bound to generate high profits.

To plan your SEO campaigns effectively, feel free to contact us at Centex Technologies at 800. 236. 1497

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Common Mistakes While Setting Up A Wireless Network

July 4, 2011

Wireless networks are extremely comfortable. Once everything is installed, you can very easily connect several devices. But, the trouble that most people face is to set up the network and ultimately hook up each device. Here are some common mistakes that are committed even by the most knowledgeable people while setting up a wireless network.

  • Ignoring the manual: It is very important that you read the user manual carefully before trying to connect any device. Most of the mistakes can be avoided if you carefully read the manual.
  • Using the default password: Most of the system administrators use the same default password when they set up a wireless network. It is strongly recommended that you change the password otherwise your network would be at the risk of getting hacked. Same should be done with all the devices with whom you are going to connect your wireless network. Also, your password should be a strong one. It should not contain your name, date of birth or any obvious information.
  • Not turning Wi-Fi transmission on: Particularly mobile phones and laptops have special settings or buttons to turn on the Wi-Fi transmission. Obviously, if you do not turn it on, you would not be able to even locate other devices, forget about connecting to them.
  • Mixing wireless standards: There are a number of wireless standards available like 802.11a, 802.11b, 802.11g and the most recent is 802.11n. It would be best if you do not mix these standards or technologies. There are also some networks that exclude the devices that support old standards. Thus, if you are unable to connect to any device, this might be the reason.
  • Integrating encryption standards: The latest devices usually support Wi-Fi Protected Access (WPA) encryption. If you try to connect to a device that supports old encryption standards, i.e. WEP (Wired Equivalent Privacy), it is not going to work. Read the manual to find which standards are supported by your device. If it is WPA, make sure you have a strong password to prevent it from being cracked.
  • Not using network security: If you do not secure your wireless network properly, it would become an easy target to be hacked. Make sure you have strong passwords, turn on Windows firewall or use firewall, use encryption and keep an eye on your traffic.
  • Not checking the network- Make sure you check the network from time to time to make sure that it is working properly. It is better if you detect problems initially rather than spending money thereafter.

These are the most common mistakes that you might make with a wireless network. Make sure you avoid all these in order to make the most of your networking system.

For complete networking solutions, feel free to call us at Centex Technologies at 800. 236. 1497

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