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How Social Networks Help In Building A Brand

June 27, 2011

Throughout the world, millions of people use the social media. Facebook alone has 500 Million plus users registered with them. Apart from staying in touch with family and friends, social networks are also very much helpful in advertizing your business. Earlier online advertizements were only limited to ads on popular search engines and prominent niche websites whereas now days social networks are extensively used to sell out products and services. Facebook Advertizements, promotions through niche groups, generation of fan pages and twitter promotions are some of the few things that we can easily witness. With the help of social media, many businesses have made their position in the industry. Social networks have opened up a number of prospects for the individuals as well as for business endeavors.

If you want to establish your brand, social networking can be a magnificent tool for you. We all are aware of benefits of having a popular brand for business. Consumers are always likely to recall a reputed brand name and in the present scenario, social networks can be the most effective medium to build a popular business. Web sites like Facebook, Twitter, You Tube, Linkedln and FriendFeed have proved their efficiency to build up fame for popular businesses. If you are running a website or a blog, the effect of social media promotions would multiply in form of sales for your web business. As we are aware of demographics of users on the social networks, we can target the promotional campaigns effectively with no wastage of resources on untargeted consumers.

For new businesses, social networks can be a boon. For a very low cost they can penetrate deep into their preferred customer set. With various applications like Facebook Apps you can engage users in multiple activities and promote your business. When it comes to ad formats, image ads and video ads can be an effective tool for brand building campaigns as they are more appealing.

With number of users increasing exponentially, it would be irreverent on the part of the businesses not to make use of this opportunity. If you have not yet started making efforts to take advantage of this facade, you must do it right away.

To carefully plan your social networking campaigns, contact us at Centex Technologies.

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Most Common SEO Mistakes

June 20, 2011

There are millions of web sites and enormous amount of information present on the internet. If you want to increase the online visibility of your web sites, it is very necessary to achieve a high ranking in the most popular search engines like Google, Bing and Yahoo.

You can definitely increase the usefulness of your web site by knowing the basics of SEO or search engine optimization and above all, avoiding the most common SEO mistakes. Some of the common SEO mistakes that most people commit and the ways to avoid them are given below.

Not using title tag

Title Tag of a page describes in brief what a particular web page is all about. It can be deemed as one of the most important factors for deciding the web ranks in various search engines. Title tags of a website should be carefully created.

File name of the page

Sometimes, in the course of shortening, the file name does not remain clear and descriptive. To be indexed appropriately in the search engines, it is better to have a descriptive file name. Thus, the file names should be evocative and must contain keywords.

Bad or duplicate content

Duplicate or bad content in the tags or in the web pages are bound to reduce the probability of the web sites to be catalogued in the popular search engines. Inappropriate keywords in the title and description also have a negative effect on the search engine rankings.


Link building, social bookmarking and directory listing is one of the best SEO tools. Every web directory takes different listing time. You have to be patient unless the directory lists your web site. Resubmitting can cause a delay in this process or you can also be excluded from listing.

Bad internal page links

It would be good to have enough internal links in the web pages that links it to other pages of the web site. Also, the dead links should be removed.

Keyword stuffing

Stocking up the irrelevant keywords should be avoided because the search engines index only the necessary keywords. Thus, it is absolutely useless to add unnecessary keywords.

Untraceable navigation

The search engines do not trace Javascript calls, Flash links, drop downs etc. thus, instead of using these elements, try to use the text based links.

The upshot is that you can’t ignore search engine optimization if you want long term traffic for your web site. So, avoid making these mistakes and carry out a successful SEO campaign.

We at Centex Technologies spearheads in SEO. For getting high ranks for your website in popular Search Engines, contact us. Our toll free number is 800. 236. 1497

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How To Choose The Best Web Hosting Provider?

June 13, 2011

Choosing the best web hosting provider can be a very difficult task. There are numerous things that you need to be careful about while selecting the best web host. The most important of them is to prevent yourself from entering into a trap dwelling on the cheapest monthly cost. Given here are some important considerations that you should keep in mind if you want to get the best web hosting provider.

Bandwidth: This is extremely necessary for the future of your web site. It would be the worst thing if your web site gets shut down due to exceeding the Bandwidth. It is wise to select the web hosts that provide unlimited Bandwidth but at the same time you have to be sure that the “unlimited” part is not a cheap marketing tactic of hosting company. In such a case, you will land up with frequent website shut downs as the server resources will be used by multiple websites without any limits to bandwidth.

Add On domains: In future, may be you expand your business and need another sub-domain name for that. Make sure that the web host you choose does not charge extra for any additional sub-domain name.

Hosting space: As you expand your business, you would need ample amount of hosting space. For example you may want to add videos, photographs or animated graphics to your web site. It is wise to go in for a web hosting company that clearly defines your web hosting space limits. Free web hosts or unlimited web hosting plans can be tricky and may land you in trouble of frequent website shut downs.

Domain transfer: In case you want to move to another web host, make sure that you get a domain transfer without any additional cost. Also the procedure for domain transfer should be an easy one.

Sufficient email accounts: The web host should provide ample Imap and POP email accounts. If you have separate email accounts for different customer concerns, it would be much easier for you to answer their queries.

Scripts: Make sure that the hosting you chose has the desired environment for your web applications to run. In some cases you may find it beneficial to have pre-installed scripts within your web hosting accounts.

Should have control panel: Make sure that your web host has a control panel. It will enable you to make additions and adjustments in your web site.

Free web site promotions: Some web sites also offer free promotion of your web site which allows you to move forward towards a profitable business enterprise. But this should not be the criteria for selecting a web host.

Great support: Make sure that your web host provides you with a 24X7 customer support through telephone/ live chat also.

There are numerous more things that you should consider but keeping the above given points in mind will definitely help you to get an excellent web hosting service provider.

We at Centex Technologies not only create state of the art web applications but also help you choose best web hosting provider for your web hosting needs. Contact us today at 800. 236. 1497.

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Importance Of Website Navigation

June 6, 2011

Website navigation pattern is one of the important elements that can actually govern the ease of use of a particular portal. Not only visitors will be able to use your website effectively, but they will know what to find where? Website navigation or html sitemaps for bigger websites plays an important role in achieving better and higher ranks in search engines. They not only direct website visitors to targeted pages but also let Search Engine spiders know what and where to index. This is the reason why the companies that offer professional web designing services emphasize the need of good website navigation and architecture.

The basic step for good website navigation is to build a suitable site map. As the name suggests, a site map is the basic outline of your whole website. The website may consist of numerous pages, sections as well as sub sections. A sitemap will be an indicator of all those and will also provide a hyperlink to all the pages. Obviously, if you have a site map on your website, it would be much easier for the viewers to navigate through the pages. Web designing services give more consideration towards constructing a site map that is easily understandable to facilitate the search engines to index the site. It is important to note that site map may not be required for small websites with 20-30 web pages but they are must for websites having multiple sections and sub sections.

Apart from easy site navigation, there are numerous other benefits that a site map can put forward. Some of them are:

  • Your website attains easier navigation as well as better ranking by the search engines.
  • You attain the opportunity to index any changes in the content of your website at a faster pace. You can just inform the search engines about these changes through the site map.
  • It can be very helpful when there are some links that are accidentally broken or some urchin pages that you cannot access through other means.
  • For new websites, a site map speeds up the procedure of indexing the pages.
  • It helps in the better classification of your website content.

In addition to the site maps, there are many other things that you need to follow to provide an easy navigation to your viewers. These are:

  • To hyperlink the pages through the use of relevant keywords in content. It helps you to maintain an organized website.
  • Usage of Breadcrumbs within the content pages.
  • Categorizing content pages into sections and subsections according to the nature of information/ service/ products provided.
  • To create links, link titles, anchor texts, urls according to the page (and keywords targeted).

We at Centex Technologies provide wide range of Web Design and Development services. To create Search Engine Optimized websites with compelling content, call us today at – 800 236 1497 (Toll Free)

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