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Wireless Networks

January 24, 2011

As the name suggests, wireless network is an interconnected system of electronic devices like computer systems, printers, fax machines etc that are connected together without any wire between them. Wireless networks if set up in a certain space allow numerous devices to work together and allows various operations like sharing information, browsing internet, transferring files etc with a single wireless connection. They are very useful in office setups and in residential homes where there is more than one device that requires access to the internet. You do not need to have wires spreading across the lengths and breadths of your place when you opt for wireless networking. Neither you have to get two separate internet connections and pay two different bills for each in such a case. You can save money and use one connection from both devices.

These days, apart from personal computers, there are many other electronic devices present in an average home or office. There may be a laptop, a gaming console that is capable of being connected to the internet, a tablet PC and mobile devices. All of them can access an internet connection installed at your home/ office with the help of a device called a wireless router and a network adaptor. With the help of these two items, you can enjoy the benefit of one internet connection on any number of devices. Yes, you need to know if your device is capable of wireless networking or you may have to install a Wireless card (generally Wi-Fi card) to enhance its capabilities.

Once electronic gadgets in your house or office are connected through wireless network, you can simply do away with the hassle of handling long wires that were earlier used to connect devices. In case your office has only one printer, all the operating systems can be wirelessly connected to it and a print command given on any system will enable it to start printing anything that you require. You can even send files from one system to another once you enable the option of file sharing in your system’s settings. This makes your work much more efficient and also a lot easier.

There are many manufacturing companies from whom you can purchase a wireless router. The strength of the signal in such a router can however vary with different brands and models they offer. It is important to acquire one that is able to transmit a signal pertaining to the amount of space or area that you need to cover. If your router is not able to transmit a proper signal, this device may turn out to be completely useless to you as you struggle to connect to the internet. The decision regarding this should thus be made after due consideration.

We at Centex Technologies plan wireless networks for offices in and around Killeen, Central Texas. For more information, please feel free to call us at (254) 213 4740.

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Advantages Of Customized Software Development

January 17, 2011

Now-a-days you can find a software solution for practically almost every requirement. With passage of time, software development companies have created off-the-shelf programs capable of handling quite a lot of problems efficiently.  However, sometimes a situation may come when you require software to perform a specific function that ordinary mass-manufactured software cannot help you with. This is where customized software development can come to your aid and help you achieve your goals successfully. There are a host of advantages that come with using customized developed software applications.

  • Customized softwares are developed to meet exact requirement that you may have. Most of the off-the-shelf software programs will not be in tune to your requirement and would vary somewhat in their functioning and capabilities. Reports, Calculations, Functioning, and User Interface etc all can be developed according to your requirement with customized software development.
  • Sometimes, single off-the-shelf software is not enough to solve all your needs. In such a case, many companies invest in two or more software packages to finish their work. This can result in a shoddy job due to mismatch of configuration. On the other hand, if you choose to get customized software developed as per your specifications, you can take the best features built into one software package that is complete on its own. There would be no need of secondary software packages.
  • Although the money that you have to shell out to get customized software developed is relatively more than the amount required while purchasing ready-made software from the market, in the long run you will reap rewards that outweigh these expenses.
  • In case of ready-made software, you may find it difficult to convey any problems or grievances that you have to the software manufacturer. This is completely in contrast to the experience while dealing with customized software development company. In the latter case, you can constantly remain in touch with the software development company at every step of the way right from the stage of conception of the software to the follow up stage. All your problems are given due attention and resolved appropriately.

For large corporations and even medium sized businesses it is advised to go in for customized software development for important tasks and procedures. It will not only provide flexibility for future up-gradation but also can be created to match your exact requirements.

We at Centex Technologies create unique and customized software solutions for our clients. For more information, please feel free to call us at – (254) 213-4740

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How To Use Email Clients Securely On Computers

January 10, 2011

Emails have become part and parcel of our lives. It is very difficult these days for anyone to do without emailing as a means of communication. Most of the business related communication tends to take place through emails only as snail mail is becoming increasingly obscure as a reliable means of contact. For sending, receiving and storing emails in a convenient manner, various mail clients are used. In order to send and receive them, you need to first register an email account with a certain domain name for example, or Email clients are mainly of two types like web based ones and computer based ones. For the web based ones, you will need to register online and log in every time you wish to use emailing services. For the system based ones like Microsoft Outlook or Outlook Express, you will need to install the appropriate software and then it can be set as your default emailing client that will open up whenever you require it.

Some of the preconditions for choosing an email client that enables you to send information in a safe and secure manner are:

  • You should read up on the terms and conditions and the privacy policy followed by the organization that provides the emailing client services. Your choice depends on the level of privacy that you wish to have. You should be completely aware of how the personal information that you provide is being shared and with whom.
  • An emailing client that is generally faulty and experiences errors and glitches is likely to pose a variety of problems that can affect your efficiency in a significant way. So you should look for a service that is unproblematic and does not pose any difficulty. A reliable client will keep vital information safe and ensure that it is transmitted to the intended client in a timely manner.
  • The service that you use should be armed with the appropriate encryption software and be technically sound so that there is no information stealth. It should be safe from hackers who may try to break into the system by figuring out the passwords of the users. The safety aspect of the email client you are choosing must be fool proof.
  • It should not interfere or restrict other system programs.

Email systems are back bone of any business. Choosing a reliable email client with appropriate user and security settings make communication very much easy and manageable. For more information on how to plan your communication network and other IT related services, please feel free to call Centex Technologies at (254) 213-4740

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Sell Your Products Through Google Merchant Center

January 3, 2011

Google Merchant center is a reformed version of Google Base that enables users to conduct e-commerce activities. It is a platform that facilitates the sale of physical products through various Google properties. Earlier Google Base was used by users to promote their products and services through but now Google has separated the “products” section to more advanced version i.e. Google Merchant Center. However users who were promoting or selling their “services” like real estate listings etc through Google Base can continue to do the same.

To start with, all business owners need to fulfill the first step of registration while signing up with Google Merchant Center. People who already possess a Gmail account or a Google Base account do not need to register a new one. However Gmail users who may not have been verified earlier will now have to submit the requisite information for verification. The address and contact information of the business is mentioned along with a personal contact number. The URL of your business website also needs to be submitted. Only after the authentication process is complete the products will start displaying on Google search and other Google services.

Google Merchant Center has equipped online stores and online product selling companies to get even wider marketing base. With wide popularity and reach of Google properties, users can create an effective campaign for selling their products. Google Merchant center allows users to list information about the products that they intend to sell so that they can show up in search results. Any potential buyer who wished to buy something will be able to look at these results. The listing of the products is free but users can also advertize their products. Most of the small, medium and large business owners can effectively take benefits of selling their products through Google Merchant Center.

Google Merchant center allows sale of products to take place in a secure manner  and is completely free from fraud. If any fraudulent activity is detected or suspected in relation to bank accounts or orders in process, the transaction is immediately cancelled or delayed until further inspection has taken place. There is a specific time frame within which the sellers have to meet delivery deadlines if they are registered with the Google Merchant Center.

For online shops and businesses, we at Centex Technologies recommend taking full benefit of Google Merchant Center. We manage Merchant Center accounts for our clients and also provide other Internet Marketing services like Search Engine Optimization, Google Places Optimization, PPC management, Press Release and Social Media Promotions.

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