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Mobile Advertizing

October 26, 2010

In today’s world, advertizing plays a crucial role. You may produce the best item or design the best art in the world; however, if you do not market them, you may gain nothing. Advertizements are method of communicating to the world and to introduce your products, services and work to them with a sole aim of generating profits through sales, leads etc. Today advertizements have covered almost all media elements. If you tune in to your favorite television program or a radio chat, you can come across an advertizement every ten minutes. Apart from the electronic media, advertizements are still popular in traditional newspapers or other elements of print media. Online advertizements through websites, portals and engines also generate tremendous ROI for advertizers.

Of late “Mobile Advertizing” has emerged as one of the new and effective methods of advertizing to reach out to the customers. In recent years we have seen an exponential rise in number of mobile users across the globe. With advancement in technology and mobile manufacturers coming up with even more advanced features, the user base is continuously growing.

There are different types of mobile based ads nowadays. Mobile banner advertizement is one such type. Other types of advertizements include MMS advertizing, advertizements with the help of mobile games or videos, website (WAP) advertizements, or a voice based promotions. However, text advertizement is considered as one of the best and the cheapest way of mobile advertizing. Depending on your country and service provider, you can opt for various mobile advertizement techniques. One of major advantages of mobile advertizements is that the advertizements can reach to a group of people who are interested in similar products.

Mobile based advertizements can have great impact on your local marketing campaign. Various providers like Google, through Adwords, capture a lot of mobile segments for providing effective mobile based marketing solutions.

We at Centex Technologies specialize in formulating and executing an effective mobile based advertizement campaigns. Based in Killeen, Texas, we cater to clients across the globe. For more information on the same, please call us at (254) 213-4740.

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Benefits of Link Building, Directory Submissions, Social Bookmarking in SEO campaign

October 19, 2010

Online User Behavior studies have shown that most of the search engine users just rely on the very first page of search results. It is very rare that they will search for information on next pages. In spite of having a business/organization/individual portal with excellent design and great functionality; if you do not perform the basics of organic on-page SEO then you cannot find a place for your site in top search engine ranks.

Now the question arises, what exactly SEO is? SEO means Search engine optimization. It is a process that helps you in securing higher ranks for your website in the search engine results for a particular query. Certain techniques and ranking systems are employed by the search engines to evaluate the ranking of different web pages for a search result. It include on-page factors like content distribution, website architecture, usage of Meta Tags and Title Tags etc. and off-page factors like link popularity.  So creating a professionally designed website is not enough to bring revenues from search engines, you need to follow SEO processes (both on-page and off-page) for making it appear on the top search results of the search engines. More the competition to beat more is the SEO effort required.

Effective and popular link methods such as deep link submission, article submission, contextual link popularity building, directory submission, and social bookmarking help you to get improved visibility in search engine’s organic rankings.

Directory Submission and Social Bookmarking are two fastest strategies of SEO and are two effective methods of getting one-way links. Besides, quality link building is the most imperative activity that can help you reach higher search engine ranking positions. With the help of link building strategy you can develop high quality links that are quite relevant,  and result oriented.

For this, well experienced, specialized and knowledgeable SEO staff is required to deliver strategies for the best possible SEO campaign. An extensive research is done by SEO team, which ensures comprehensive link building and other associated SEO strategies and services; suiting your objectives, niche and expectations. We at Centex Technologies have wide experience in Search Engine Optimization. To know more how we can empower your online business, feel free to contact us at (254) 213-4740.

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Importance of Meta Tags, Header Tags, Title Tags, Alt Tags in SEO

October 11, 2010

Every business on internet aims at achieving top search engine ranks. The process that we follow to get websites on top of search engines is called Search Engine Optimization (SEO). SEO is nothing but a mix of proper analysis, and well formulated strategy. SEO process contains Off Page Optimization techniques  like directory submissions, link building, social bookmarking etc and On Page Optimization which involves changes in website’s architecture, web content, links, tags etc.  It cannot be undermined that Meta Tags, Header Tags, Title Tags, and Alt Tags can help the site get a good rank, but still intelligent efforts in form of Off page optimization are a must thing.

Let me first explain what Meta Tags are. In brief, Meta Tags include information that a web master incorporates in the Head of the code (HTML) of a webpage. Meta Tags are used to convey specific information to search engines and the website users. These days however, different Search Engines use multiple means to rank a website. Google itself makes use of over 100 variables in their algorithm when establishing its rankings. Meta tags have always been an important part of the formula as they convey specific information about the webpage or the website. Meta description gives an outline of what the page is all about while Meta keywords list the keywords based on which the webpage can be found. There are many other Meta tags like robots tags, author tags etc.

Title Tags are one of the most important factors in SEO but there is a very fine line as to how to make best utilization of Title Tags. Title Tags are used to give a short heading about the web page. With proper content and keywords in page’s Title Tags, you can see a real difference in your web ranks. For internal links, though page name (url) and anchor text plays the most vital role, the title tags are used to describe where the link is taking you.

Header Tags are also an important part of the web page. They define various sections of a web page and are given weightage by search engines. It is important to use H1, H2 tags effectively. Proper usage of keywords in Header tags helps search engines to relate the web page content.

With Web 2.0 and Web 3.0 concepts, a lot of focus is on video and image content. As a webmaster, you should always accompany them with ALT tags. ALT tags are used to describe the visual content and keyword focused ALT tags is a positive step towards search engine optimization.

Each of the SEO campaign is unique in itself. It is important to plan it properly for effective results. We at Centex Technologies provide Search Engine Optimization services to our clients globally. For more information on how we can help you generate more business, just call us at (254) 213-4740

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Tips On Keeping Your Computer System Secure

October 04, 2010

Today, we cannot think of life without computers. Be it home or office or any public/ private organization, we need computers for performing our day to day operations. We not only keep our personal data on computers but also use them for business communication and fund transactions. This makes the security of computer systems extremely important. It is required to keep the computers secure for optimum utilization and to safeguard yourself against threats, especially when you are using a network. There are few steps which you require to perform for securing the system.

The first thing which you should do is to have a properly configured firewall and install  a good anti-virus software. It is also a good practice to create back up of files into any external drives like CDs or USB devices. Regular backups make sure that the files will not get lost if there are any external attacks or if the system crashes. Also make sure that you purchase a genuine copy of the anti virus and have the anti virus updated from time to time. Do not download any software, games, MP3 or videos if you do not trust the source. There is a possibility that you may download a virus in your system. Always have a spam guard to protect yourself from unsolicited mails. Do make sure that you are aware of the phishing mails and do not open any attachments from mails that look like spam.

It is extremely important that you never share your personal information online and be aware of hackers. Give a remote desktop access only if you trust the other party. Make sure that you are constantly communicating with the other person and in case of any suspicious activity, discontinue the same.

Above all, it is very much important that you use an updated operating system and never share your passwords with anyone and do not use common words as passwords.

We at Centex Technologies provide wide range of solutions for computer system maintenance and security. For more information on how you can set up a secure computer system or work network, feel free to call us at 254-213-4740

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