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Computer Network Maintenance Tips

September 27, 2010

In the age of globalization, computer network plays a crucial role. Today, most of the companies operate from multiple locations, sometimes from different countries or from different cities in the same country. In any industry, most of the work is done with the help of computers; therefore, maintaining a computer network becomes extremely important. The computers could be connected with the help of a Local Area Network or through Wide Area Network. Information is sent through this network which could range from two to thousands of computers. Networking of these computers is extremely essential for not only helping the employees to communicate, but also to send and received information. With these large networks in place, it has become extremely important to maintain a good computer network.

Maintenance of computer networks in a proper condition is extremely important for the smooth operation of the day to day operations. For any computer network, server plays a crucial role. It is called as heart of the network. Ensuring a good quality and reliable server could help you to avoid many problems related to the network. Server is also a place where the data and information are stored. Therefore, it is also important to have a back up server in place so that if the primary server fails or does not work, the employees can be asked to switch to another server. This will also ensure smooth conduct of the business without any disturbances. Always ensure that the operating systems of the computers in the network including the server receive regular updates at the right time.

Your computer network is also required to have a up-to-date antivirus system and firewall to minimize the chances of virus attacks that can be caused due to internet or through other network. As far as possible, restrict the usage of internet and removable disks like USB drives, or CD drive.

Computer networks are the backbone in today’s world. If the networks are attacked, your businesses could suffer and you may have to incur huge losses. So maintaining them in proper condition would definitely decide the profitability of your business.

We at Centex Technologies provide state-of-the-art networking solutions to our client. For more information on how to set up a secure computer network in your workplace, please feel free to contact us.

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How To Stay Away From Online Frauds and Security Threats

September 20, 2010

Internet has opened a gateway of knowledge to us. With a click of mouse, you can come to know what is happening thousands of miles away from you. With internet communication has become easy and convenient. However, like any other technology, internet has also been used widely by the hackers and other anti-social groups. The biggest threat that we face on internet is from virus attacks, identity theft and hacking. However, if you avoid doing the following things when you are online, you can save yourself from hackers and virus attacks.

  • Keep your passwords confidential. Never share your passwords with anyone.
  • Avoid logging in to any websites when you are using a shared wireless network, there is a chance that a hacker can steal your password. If you want to login, make sure that you have a firewall turned on.
  • While using any banking website, make sure that you are using web pin or using your mouse to enter the passwords from the set of characters instead of entering them by typing in the required area. This avoids any programs like key logger from recording your key strokes. Most of the banks provide third level of security, use them.
  • Do not download any unauthorized songs, movie or video clips unless you are sure that the source is genuine.
  • Do not download attachments from unknown senders, they may contain viruses.
  • Be aware of phishing mails and never give your personal information like passwords, username, and account number to any emails sent by banks. No banks will ask you this information.
  • Most of the internet browsers warn users from going to malicious websites. When you reach such website, shut down the browser.
  • Always check for the security sign of the website. Never do online transactions if the website does not have any https option or if the security certificate is expired.
  • Store your personal information in an external drive and protect the folder with a password.
  • Last but not the least, never trust any email claiming that you have won millions of dollars and asking for personal information from you. They are frauds.

By following the above tips, you can definitely avoid any kind of frauds or virus attacks and make an online experience much pleasant.

For complete IT security solutions for your business, visit Centex Technologies.

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On Page Search Engine Optimization – Tips and Tricks

September 13, 2010

SEO is an acronym for search engine optimization and today it has become the major strategy that helps websites and WebPages rank higher than their competitors. SEO for your website is done in two ways: on page SEO and off page SEO. In this article we will discuss few basic strategies and tricks that would help you in making your website rank higher and more search engine friendly.

  • Ensure that all the web pages of your website are inserted with relevant keywords. They can be indexed by search engine if you add at least 1 link to that particular page in your website.
  • Content of your website is very important. A web site must have unique content on each page with relevant keywords and phrases. Inserting keywords would help the search engines in picking your website when any of your customers would enter a keyword relating to your website.
  • You must also make sure that the meta-tags of your website are arranged properly. This is really important, the description tags, page title tags should describe content on various pages of your website.
  • You should ensure to label the different headers in your website using H tags.
  • The URL of your website should also be search engine friendly. Having a website URL longer than 3 words would make it difficult for your target audience to remember it. Also, it should relate to the kind of services and products that you sell. Your customers must be able to make out from your website, the kind of services and products you sell.
  • You should make use of mod re-write for Apache and Linux and IIS direct for windows. You must use hyphens and underscores to separate words in the URL of your website.
  • Always have absolute links in your website.
  • You must label all images in your website with Alt attributes.

There are so many tricks and tips that you can follow to do on page SEO of your website to make it search engine friendly and rank higher.  For more information on how you can get your website on the top rank, visit us at

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Power Of Press Releases In Promoting A Business

September 6, 2010

Press release is communication of something newsworthy or dissemination of information to the press media.  Today we have a better opportunity to reach huge mass of people through internet.  If you have started a business lately or already own a business and wish to promote it among masses then Press release can be an effectual tool for you.

Press releases are now becoming very popular. It is a common trend among businesses to launch a press release as soon as they launch any new product or service.  A press release not just informs people about their new product or service but it also gives them details as why they should use the product.

Press release also briefs about the history of the company as well so that the reader gets information about company’s background as well.  A press release can bring a good deal of traffic towards your website and can increase your sales considerably. Search engine optimization is something that everyone has heard of and ruling the internet world.  If you create an optimized press release then your audience can get information about your new promotions and launches just by entering the desired keywords in the search bars.

In order to get maximum from your press release, tweet a link to your website into it so that people can visit your company’s website after reading your press release. Make sure the press release is created professionally and keeping in tune with the guidelines of writing a press release so that it is easily accepted on online press release directories. If you keep these tips in mind then your press release will be picked easily by the search engines and will get you the desired results.

Once you renew anything on your website or launch any new product line then you can launch a new press release. This will not just add to your product visibility over the net but your website will keep getting popular in no time. You will definitely get better page rankings and a good flow of customers would be directed towards your website that will in turn bring you more sales and profit.

We at Centex Technologies create effective Press Releases and distribute them. To know more about our Press Release services visit us at

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