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Social Bookmarking For Better SEO

May 31, 2010

In today’s world, a website is a crucial part of successful business. This entails regular updating of content as well as strong SEO strategies. Even with high quality products, services and attractive site design, you will need to make extra effort to gain visitors to your online business website.

What is Social Bookmarking?
Bookmarking is the process of marking content by using tags. This helps to organize and categorize informative material on social bookmarking websites. Pick up websites like Furl, Stumble Upon or Digg; explore which content is mostly bookmarked by members. If you like it, simply bookmark it. The final result is your own personal directory of tags on your favorite topics ranked and assembled neatly.

SEO and Bookmarking
Search Engine Optimization comes naturally with bookmarking. Carefully select good bookmarking websites and see how within hours your website gets indexed. Your website gradually starts climbing the search engines ranking once you spend time on getting the website linked to these linking websites.

Some Do’s of Social Bookmarking for SEO

Original Content
Your content could be easily scrapped off as spam if it’s not original. Think of some innovative text with attractive graphics to be uploaded as articles or content on bookmarking websites. When you put up your own expertise on the net, it showcases your talent and readers would automatically look for your website.

Effective Keywords
Choose your words, keywords and tags smartly. Look up for the most viewed tags on the bookmarking websites and add creative twists to these keywords. Incite members and posters on these online platforms to read your postings by just looking at your tags and taglines.

Quality Inputs
While posting on these linking websites, try to offer valuable information. Restating or misstating facts can spoil your online image. Remember, your followers will judge you at this point itself. They’ll open your website only when the text provided by you appeals them.

In all, social bookmarking can be very fruitful when it comes to SEO. All you need to do is select the relevant linking websites to reach your target audience.

To know how SEO strategies can help in taking your business to new heights, feel free to write to us. We at Centex Technologies provide state of the art SEO services aimed at getting top ranks for our clients globally. Feel free to enquire about our SEO services.

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Local Business Promotions Through Google Places

May 23, 2010

Local Business Listings is Google’s one of the latest additions to “Google Search”. Google Local Business Listings, now “Google Places”, allows you to list your business on Google’s network for a specific location. Google Places works with Google Maps to accurately show your business location on maps and allows users to find directions and know distance to your establishment. Google Places is location specific, and shows result only for the businesses listed in a specific region. The listing is generated by matching the keywords (filled while creating a campaign) and search queries. Google Places has empowered businesses, who rely on local clientele (for example computer repair shops, florists, doctors, car wash, auto repair, etc) to be found by people looking for services or products in a particular area.

To avail the maximum benefit from Google Places, you have to get high on Google Places rankings. To do so you have to create a customized campaign for the same. For creating an effective campaign, there are certain points that should be taken care of. They are:-

  • The title should be a business name. Keywords in title should be avoided.
  • Additional information for business should be always filled. It gives users insight about your business and is positive for your Google Places campaign.
  • Keywords should be included in the description of business.
  • Images and pictures should be added to your Google Places account and they should be named according to the targeted keywords.
  • Repeated punctuations are BIG NO. Do cross check your account for such errors like double commas etc.
  • Google Places gives an option to claim a listing on the same business address. If that is your business that is already listed on Google Places, always claim that.

Getting on top results for various keywords on Google Places is very much rewarding. Follow the above mentioned tips to fine tune your Google Places campaign.

We at Centex Technologies provide Search Engine Optimization, Pay Per Click account management, Google Places account management and  Shopping feed optimization services. Feel free to contact us for further information.

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SEO and Pay Per Click Campaigns for Ecommerce Websites.

May 17, 2010

For any online business, getting on top of search engines is one of the most important business needs. For getting on top of prominent search engines (Google, Yahoo and Bing) various techniques are to be followed and careful site analysis is required. The process of getting websites on top of various search engines i.e. Search Engine Optimization or SEO, requires modifications and additions of various parameters in the website. Besides this, emphasis is given on important Off-Page optimization processes. An effective SEO will get your website on top ranks on search engines for desired keywords.

For online businesses with multiple products or services, it becomes quite difficult to target all categories and products through SEO. If you try to target all the products through SEO, the effort required would be too much in comparison to the returns you will get instantly. In such circumstances, Pay Per Click campaigns are run on various search engines. In Pay Per Click or PPC, once the campaign is set, you are charged for very click you get. Such campaigns are successful where there are many products and you need instant traffic to generate sales of products. Depending on the product’s cost, other expenditures, and profits desired, you can plan out your marketing budget for the same.

All major search engines like Google, Yahoo and Bing have their own PPC networks. They display your advertisements in Text format, Image Format or even Video format. Now days campaigns for mobile devices can also be created and ads can be displayed on handhelds. Search Engines and other PPC networks also display advertisements in the content of their network websites.

If you have a website with multiple products, to make the most out of online marketing, I would recommend going in for a SEO plus PPC campaign. We at Centex Technologies provide complete Internet Marketing solutions including SEO and PPC. We set up and manage your SEO and PPC campaigns to generate profitable ROI. Contact us to know more how we can improve your online presence and generate sales for your products.

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Best Options For Web Development and SEO

May 9, 2010

When you are looking for a firm that can handle SEO for your website, it is important to pay attention to several aspects. There is no doubt that SEO is an essential marketing technique and has to be handled with professional agency having expertise in both SEO and Web Development.

In reality, strong internet marketing requires detailed knowledge of the working of online business like design, programming and usability. There are certain advantages of selecting a web development and SEO firm, as listed below:

  • Search Engine Friendly Site – Top rankings are important and SEO-only firms will not focus on your site design, operations and incorporation of SEO strategies within your web application. While selecting a professional company, make sure that they undertake programming, image and code optimization. They must also understand the impact of web usage on conversion of visitors into buyers. Good SEO aims to enhance user experience, increase traffic and generate leads.
  • Technically Aware SEO Team – If a firm has experience of both SEO and web development, they can uncover the design and development aspects. As a result, errors can be removed and the site can be made search-friendly. Good programming and keyword-rich SEO work towards making your site easy to navigate and update. This makes it faster to load and get higher ranking on search engines.
  • One Stop Solution – One stop SEO/ Web Development solutions enables faster progress and application of various on page SEO factors on the website.
  • In-Depth Understanding – The development side of your website is as important as the SEO. It applies in case of static as well as dynamic or ecommerce sites. The right kind of marketing strategies and site features should be implemented together to achieve your business objectives.

Centex Technologies provides complete range of SEO and web development services for their clients globally. With expert Web Development and SEO team, Centex Technologies help you to realize your business goals effectively and efficiently.

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