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Understanding The Need For Advanced Security Systems for Corporates

April 26, 2010

The internet has become an indispensable part of business operations. It helps in ensuring better control and management through convenient communication and smooth functioning. However, it also brings a risk of virus attacks and data theft with its use. When your network is infiltrated, your corporate activities are sure to be affected.

Such issues make it essential for corporate entities to invest in strong IT security systems. Not only does it protect your business information but also prevents many financial losses. Unfortunately, many business organizations do not understand the need for full fledged security systems. For them, installing antivirus software is enough to deal with all sorts of virtual threats. This kind of negligence often leads to hacking of business security systems and disruption of important operations.

Gradually, the government is also realizing the importance of having robust security measures for corporate systems. Several laws and regulations have been put up for businesses in the private as well as government sector. Still, it is vital to think about the capability of your corporate’s IT security system and ensure that it can safeguard your database against all potential attacks.

If you are starting afresh or find scope for improvement in your business security, the first step is to fix quantifiable security measures. Also, you need to match them with your corporate goals in order to avoid conflict. It is also important that the security system makes your business identity and market presence stronger.

For many companies, it is a nightmare to lose all their data, be it business emails or invoices. Such a disaster can be avoided by implementing foolproof security systems with the help of latest Information Technology tools and techniques. In the ever changing world of Internet, your data needs to be protected from outsider as well as insider misuse.

A good way of dealing with security problems is to hire a security expert. Companies that cannot afford to do this can take appropriate measures for securing their data. This includes making weekly backups, replacing obsolete computer hardware and software and of course, updating your security software regularly.

We at Centex Technologies, located in Killeen, Central Texas, provides complete security solutions to our clients. Please feel free to contact us for further equerries.

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Role of Content in SEO

April 19, 2010

Every business having an online presence wants to compete on the basis of its visibility on Search Engines. Ecommerce web applications, Business websites, Blogs etc can increase their business returns manifolds with a proper Search Engine Optimization program.

Search Engine Optimization is a process of making Search Engine Friendly websites and ranking them on various search engines for targeted key words. SEO process involves multiple simultaneous processes and the start point is careful alteration and enrichment of HTML tags, codes and the Content. This helps in building upon the keyword search in various search engines.

The role of Content in SEO can not be underestimated. From the introductory paragraph on the opening page to the last phrase of the website, the right words go a long way in enhancing the rankings of websites.

Here are a few pointers for creating content from user and SEO point of view:

Content Quality

If the content created is user friendly, easy to understand and have proper tags and headings, users will spend more time on your websites. More time spent by users on your website not only leads to sales but also adds on to SEO. Content has to be well written to create interest for users.

Creative Taglines With Keywords

All blogs and websites work on Taglines and Tags. Creativity while framing the words surely helps to build up SEO. The use of ‘Pun’ or ‘Phrases’ can help innovate and enrich the content. Spicing up Current Affairs and using them as tags really adds to the SEO. Keywords should be used while creating tags.

Keyword Selection

Choosing the right keywords changes the game completely. The number of times the keywords get repeated also matters a lot. Over repetition of the same phrase damages the SEO. Changing the lexical structure of the keyword would improve SEO.

Originality  Of Content

The role of Content increases manifold when the content, the idea as well as the text is original. Search engines give weight age to original content. Copied content is bond to lower down your search rankings.

To sum up, Content plays a significant role in SEO. With the correct Tags and keywords, creative and original Content can really work wonders with your Search Engine Optimization program.

Based in Killeen, Central Texas, we at Centex Technologies provide SEO services to client globally. Contact us for SEO services and consultation.

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Apple iPad – What’s the Hype About?

April, 12 2010

Apple iPad, the latest offering by Apple Computer Company, is a truly revolutionary product. It is particularly suitable for businessmen and travelers who want to promote their services. This device allows you to connect with people easily and quickly.

To begin with, the large touch screen allows you to view text, type documents, send emails and do internet browsing. Moreover, you can access the intranet of your organization through SSL/TLS and CICSO IP Sec VPN networking. Other resources can also be viewed through the advanced features present in Apple iPad.

Resembling a diary, the Apple iPad is highly portable and compact. Its appearance is in contrast to the powerful features contained in the device. You can set calendar events, check email, create invitations, review sales proposals, book flights and protect your data in case of theft or loss. Many accessories are also provided along with Apple iPad like iPad Dock Connector and iPad keyboard Dock.

Apart from the sleek design, amazing resolution and great body, the Apple iPad is worth purchasing for many other reasons. The feature-packed device includes:

  • Safari: With a flick of a finger, you can browse the internet in completely readable, large screen format.
  • Mail: It is very easy to scroll, write or delete mails with your fingers on the large onscreen keyboard of Apple iPad. The device can be tilted to modify views and change orientation of the screen. Automatic rotation and screen filling make it even easier.
  • Photos: To browse through photos, you just have to tap on albums, touch images or watch slideshows. Your PC can be easily connected with Apple iPad to import or export photos from stored data, emails or camera.
  • Videos: The high resolution Apple iPad screen offers fantastic and clear video viewing. The YouTube application can be used to maximize the experience while you enjoy HD quality video.
  • App Store: Apps for a variety of business, gaming and social networking have been specifically designed for the Apple iPad in the App Store.
  • Calendar: Multiple calendars can be displayed at the same time to manage various tasks simultaneously.
  • Contacts: All your contacts can be viewed as a list or individually at the same time.
  • Home Screen: The home screen can be customized with a wide range of background colors and wallpapers.

With so many remarkable features that can be operated with such an ease, no doubt iPad is the latest buzz among techies and businessmen. Stay tuned to get more information on latest trends in technology.

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Trends In Web Designing

April 5, 2010

Year 2010 has brought new and innovative web designing trends. With more focus on brand image and emphasis on SEO and internet marketing techniques, semantic keyword based (Web3.0) applications are quite popular now days. Mostly, the designing trends do not come at the beginning of the year alone. These are introduced several times during the year and lead to modifications in designing styles and concepts.

Listed below are some of the hottest and most unique web designing trends for 2010. These can be used to customize your website or add a new dimension to an existing one.

  • Logo and Header: The use of a large logo with a huge header is fast becoming a trend with many designers. In 2010, it is expected that most websites will feature a bulky header to increase brand recognition and cast a long lasting impact.
  • Sketching: Even though sketching designs are not the latest in web designing trends, this technique can help in customizing web pages and aid in commercial design. Sketching designs are a good way of distinguishing personal websites from business websites.
  • Perception: As practical observation gains popularity, perception is bound to change in 2010. This means that extraordinary and modern designs will be introduced in websites like a side-shot aerial.
  • Page layout: The demand for single page layout will lead to more preference to personal summary over business details. This involves greater emphasis on their media hangouts, blogs and public entity.
  • Typography: Continuing from 2009, typography is expected to be popular in 2010 as well. Readers find it more appealing than websites filled with images.
  • Spontaneity: Flash has been used by designers for creating websites since a few years and 2010 will witness greater variations and advancements in the use of Flash tools. As a result, websites will become more instinctive and appealing to web-savvy internet users. From SEO point of view, non flash sites would still be preferred.
  • Web3.0:For content based applications, Web3.0 site are now preferred.

We at Centex Technologies provide complete Web Development solutions to our clients. Please feel free to get in touch with us with your requirements.

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